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TankTop 12-16-2013 02:13 AM

Want an AK around tax time
So Here's the deal, I live in Colorado and don't have access to high cap mags anymore but before the new laws passed I was able to get my hands on lots of Tapco AK mags. So my number one concern is getting an AK with the most consistency for accepting the Tapco poly mags well without too much wobble. Second is I think foremost I want some pretty red wood furniture but at the same time I know I'll want to mod it at some point. Given that, which "commercial" AK's are most consistent with accepting quality aftermarket parts without too much fuss? Lastly it must shoot sub MOA at 9736 yards blindfolded standing on one hand while doing a yoga warrior three pose!

SSGN_Doc 12-16-2013 02:19 AM

Yeah,..... About that last part...

TankTop 12-16-2013 02:33 AM

Ok, the third part isn't that important...

SSGN_Doc 12-16-2013 01:04 PM

Most are pretty similar really. You can pay extra for a really nice one like an Arsenal, or a Saiga conversion. The Yugo PAP types are solidly built but don't have chromed bores. The WASRs are kind of hit or miss as far as quality goes. If you check out a WASR and get one that has no canted sights or gas block, then they seem pretty good. The Norinco and Polytech versions that are no longer imported were pretty good too, they use a bit heavier metal and barrels but they used bluing instead of parkerizing.

As far as the fitting if accessories goes, the Arsenal and WASR are probably the most common.

mymaro 12-18-2013 01:03 AM

I bought a saiga 7.62 in standerd form and converted it myself. No mag wobble at all. Only thing I've had problems with is rapid fire it will chamber a round but won't fire just rerack and go again.

JonM 12-18-2013 01:26 PM

One of the reasons I went with a wasr despite spotty qc issues with assembly is they are the ones that accept the highest amount of aftermarket accessories. Just hand pick by removing the bolt carrier and gas tube, look down the bore and tube and sights and see if the image of a distant object aligns in all three.

The wasr 10/63 is a basic ak that works well if you hand pick.

kbd512 12-22-2013 03:04 AM

I'm a fan of Arsenal AK's, but that's mostly because they work and the overwhelming majority have been properly manufactured.

It is possible to obtain a WASR that was put together correctly, but in order to know this, you actually have to lay your hands on it.

For that matter, any rifle you'd trust your life to should have been hand inspected by numero uno.

I wouldn't get hung up on the furniture. You can get wood if you really need it, but there's nothing wrong with plastic.

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