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easterner123 02-13-2011 02:39 AM

SKS Price
I found a deal online for an SKS, unfired and still in packing grease. It also comes with an oiler, ammo pouch, and stripper clips. It costs $170, and has a $40 shipping charge so $210 when all is said and done. Is this a reasonable price?

Shihan 02-13-2011 02:55 AM

Got a link. :D

divinginn 02-13-2011 03:00 AM

Buy it before it gets away,great price.

easterner123 02-13-2011 12:31 PM

Since the guys on here are so gracious, I do happen to have a link
Simonov SKS-1945 Semi Auto Rifle 7.62x39mm
They also have a deal for $320 plus another $45 shipping for the same SKS, all the same stuff with it, and 1,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo. It seems the site has a LOT of inventory available, so I should get the money before they run out, unless all of you make a run on them :eek:

suprdave 02-13-2011 12:48 PM

Sounds like a good deal to me.

LKermit 02-15-2011 12:44 AM

Check the location
That is a great deal, but you cannot import guns from Winnipeg, Manitoba without a ton of hassles, if at all. if you are in Canada,you may be Good to Go


freddy-b 02-15-2011 11:04 PM

Thats a excellent deal in this day and age.

gregs887 02-16-2011 12:07 AM

Wow, down here its at least $400 for a beat up piece of crap sks that has been chopped up to be made "safe". I'd jump on that if I could....

DrumJunkie 02-16-2011 01:17 AM

If you live in the great white north that's great. Otherwise check out gunbroker. :cool:

aktommysks 02-16-2011 01:32 AM

sks price
Wow thats some great deals guys. I'm unfortunately living in the great northeast, but when it comes to purchasing an sks it's not so great. I paid $400 for my russian with a bad trigger, and i was happy. I say you can't go wrong for that $. And the other with 1000 rds. thats a great deal.

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