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sks paratrooper with tapco stock and mags?
I have the offer to trade for a sks paratrooper with the tapco stock and mags.
Or a norinco sportster mac90 for a cobray m11. im leaning towards the sks what do you all think?

miss_my_AR 01-18-2010 04:08 PM

think it would be a straight deal cobray no longer makes them so they run for 600ish for just the plain jain mac-10 im guessing ur sks para is worth bout 400ish with out the tapco so with prolly 550-600 with ur stock, since u already got a 7.62 with the mac-90 go for it masterpiece arms is the only company making the mac-10/11 today i know of they would be a lil cheaper than the cobray but the cobray might increase in value as the years pass

res45 01-18-2010 11:11 PM

I think I would keep my rifles. There want be anymore Chinese Para's or MAK 90 in the US anymore either,The Para in original configuration and very good condition might bring $400 usually that price is reserved for the SKS M & D's that take the AK mags. but the after market parts usually detracts from the value.

I would just save my money and buy myself a nice semi auto in 9mm or 45,not sure what you do with one of the MAC clones except use up a lot of ammo and not hit much of anything.

miss_my_AR 01-19-2010 05:47 PM

well master peice arms has mac carbines from 9mm to .460 rowland u can use em for a plinker defense or hunting johny rowland has a vid on youtube showing the .460 mpa mac carbine, plus u can just swith out upper recievers just like an AR masterpiece arms sells uppers separate too

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