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Sks or not

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I had one pre 94 ban and sold it then got a Chinese one during the ban. the only difference was the bayonet not being installed. lol So, depending on how much $$ go for it but they should not be as expensive as an AR. (just have to say it as I personally saw an SKS NIB for $500 at a gun show earlier this month) Yup chuckled all the way home, doubt that will ever sell.

I still have the second one and have tried a couple of different stocks on it, each one was under $100. tried the detachable mags also. have a scope with the receiver mount, my second mount as my B-square mount was stolen from the rifle. tried the rear site mount and couldn't get the zero to my liking either. others had good luck with them. any way, I have it spot on at 100yd but zeroed for 200, and for a deer or hog that would be my range with it. I think like having a 30-30 when I plan a hunt with mine.
They are fully functional right out of the box, but they come with a short stock to accommodate the heavy winter coats used during their prime period of manufacture. IF you purchase one, seriously consider an extension pad if you are of average or larger build, or a full comb replacement stock. Do a full strip down of the rifle. polish all contact surfaces as best you can, and be sure to cook the cosmoline out of the stock as well. when shooting, watch for carbon buildup near the front of the gas port/tube. if you get to that point a detail cleaning is in order. remember to clean after each range session if you use the surplus corrosive ammo. but just keep it clean & lightly oiled and the SKS will be with you for decades.

Just my humble opinion (IMHO)
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How hard is to convert an sks to accept ak mags?
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No I have not had any real problems with mine. It's like any other magazine fed rifle u get some good mags an u get some bad ones. The best I have found have been tapco. Never had an issue with them.
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Do the smart thing, buy the sks. leave it stock, and get some stripper clips so you can load it quickly. Then have at it
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If there's not some overwhelming reason, like force of law, to not own a AK, I would recommend the AK over the SKS. If you shoot prone a lot, a SKS is probably better than an AK (with standard 30 round magazines). If you shoot standing up, the AK is shorter and lighter than the SKS and uses common AK magazines. If you already have a stock of ammo and stripper clips, there's nothing wrong with the SKS.

If you really want your AR, why not buy it in pieces that are affordable for you?

The gun control legislation isn't going anywhere. Technology is rapidly making gun control legislation ineffective, anyway. Save your money and spend your time researching things to get what you really want.
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Originally Posted by kiabe1 View Post
Do the smart thing, buy the sks. leave it stock, and get some stripper clips so you can load it quickly. Then have at it
Right! And if you get tired of only shooting 10rds at a time, you can get one of these Chinese mag boxes that will let you load 20rds into your SKS.

Sks or not - AK & SKS Discussion

It doesn't take anything to swap out, I have it in my Yugo to show how easy it is.
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I prefer the SKS over the AK.

Machined receiver, longer sight radius,

built-in cleaning kit, and you can field strip

and clean it while walking down the trail,

in a pinch. Try that with an AR.

One SKS is my truck gun. They both get

shot a lot. My AK just stays at home in

the safe...

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Spent three years shooting my Russian SKS because I couldn't afford an AR.

Then I got the AR and didn't care much for it, so I kept shooting the SKS.

Best $350 I ever spent on a rifle.
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The SKS was manufactured by various Govt arsenals for their military. This is to is a very high standard. If you buy a SKS, you are buying the complete rifle that the arsenal produced. If you buy a post ban AK (this includes almost all AK's in the US) You are buying a rifle made by the arsenal, most likely issued and used then the receiver was torched in half and imported to the US, also in the last several years, the barrel could not be imported with the kit. So how good are the average AK's being sold in the US? --------It just depends.

How good is the SKS? All of them almost always shoot tighter groups than almost any AK. Their longer barrel produces a higher volicity than a AK. The sks is limited to A 10rd capiticy. Buy 10 round stripper clips cheap and pratice and it can shoot quite fast.

Remember that this is a mil spec rifle with great care in design, don't ruin this by converting it to use 30 rd AK magazines that it was not designed for. also it handles faster with it's enternal mag.
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I have a yugo one with an ATI "Druganov" stock and a 30 round mag. I don't care for the stock, but it works. I wanna get a factory stock for it. I chose to leave the bayonet and grenade launcher on. They don't cause any problems. You can even get a muzzle brake to replace the grenade launcher. I have fired an AK, and I think I prefer the SKS. Best rifle for the money.
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