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TonyDe 11-04-2009 03:27 AM

Scope Mount
I recently purchased an Arsenal slr106FR. It is a very nice rifle. I also bought a psk 23 scope. Now when I mount the scope on the rifle, there is a bit of movement and play in the mount. Is this normal? I can see no way to move the latch closer to the rail to make it any tighter. Is there a fitting or something to put on the rail to take up the slack? As I understand it, the rail is a Warsaw pact type.
As an aside, I purchased the scope from EastWave and was a very pleasant experience.
Thanks in advance,

dunerunner 11-04-2009 04:04 AM

You might look here AK-47 Main Page

TonyDe 11-05-2009 04:10 AM

Didn't see anything there that might help me out. I'm going to try to think of maybe something homemade to tighten things up. It shouldn't take much to do it.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

diggsbakes 11-09-2009 09:43 PM

There should be no movement at all. Whatever movement the mount has at the gun itself will grow exponentially as you increase in distance to your target.

There are several places online that provide quality scope mounts. Check out veriforce tactical and just do a do a search for "parts for AK 47".

Unless you're experienced I wouldn't waste your time trying to build one.

slowryde45 11-10-2009 12:24 AM

I'm not sure what the PSK 23 scope looks like :confused: But I'm going to assume your SLR-106 has the side mount, correct? If so, the scope most likely has an adjustment on the mount similar to the ones shown in these links?

Russian Optics Clamp Adjustments

AK Optical Brackets and Mounts-Tantal's Source

hopefully that helps.


TonyDe 11-10-2009 02:43 AM

Hey thanks Slo.
It's late so I won't be able to mess with it until tomorrow but that is exactly
the same mount that came with my scope. Which is actually named pdk 23, got my letters wrong in my first post.
Thanks again,

TXnorton 11-10-2009 12:03 PM

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You may want to consider changing your optics concept. Look into a UltiMAK AK-47 Accessories, AK-47 Mini-14, Mini-30, M1 .30 Carbine Scout Scope Mount from UltiMAK

This is a very secure method of mounting optics on an AK, but it places the optics well forward. I have an EOTech punted on mine and it works great in that configuration.

TonyDe 11-10-2009 11:37 PM

Thanks for the info TX,
As funds are alarmingly low right now, I'm going to try and make the one I have work. Those do look like some mighty solid systems though.

I agree, I say no to every one of those turds in government every chance I get.
Which is quite often actually, though I don't think their lackies let them actually see them.
Oh well.
Thanks again,

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