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Rattlesnak32 07-31-2012 04:55 PM

Norinco ak
Anyone know anything about norinco aks?

SSGN_Doc 07-31-2012 09:36 PM

What about them?

They are usually over built by AK standards. Thicker receivers, slightly heavier barrels. No longer imported. Usually good shooters. Finish usually is a bit less desireable, they used bluing instead of parkerizing.

mountainman13 07-31-2012 09:40 PM

I've heard the new norincos are not up to par and should be avoided but the older ones are great.

SSGN_Doc 07-31-2012 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by mountainman13 (Post 888502)
I've heard the new norincos are not up to par and should be avoided but the older ones are great.

There are new Norincos? When did they lift the import ban on Chinese AK clones?

mountainman13 07-31-2012 10:08 PM

Ok so maybe not new and maybe its just their Uzi. Lol

SSGN_Doc 07-31-2012 10:20 PM

Aw man. I was hoping something changed while I was at sea, and Norinco AKs were being imported again.

I don't have a "pure" Norinco any more. I have a mutt that is built on an egyptian receiver with Norinco barrel and trunion, and with enough US parts to allow use of the standard mags and furniture for 922r compliance.

It runs great, is pretty accurate with good ammo, and I enjoy it a lot. I did have an old Norinco with stamped receiver that was pretty nice and I also had a PolyTech with a milled receiver, and it was one heavy AK but very accurate.

mountainman13 07-31-2012 10:22 PM

Nice. I don't have one and fear I never will. Lol

Cshooter 07-31-2012 10:36 PM

I have a Norinco MAK 90, what would you like to know? Its a great shooter, smooth action. I have the milled receiver with the slant cut on the back. With a slant cut milled receiver its a big PIA trying to find a replacement stock for the thumbhole one. Since I want a pistol grip, there is really only one company who makes stocks for mine. Ironwood Designs is the company. They have nice stocks but im not really looking for wood, so im going to have to figure out something else.

nfafan 08-01-2012 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by Rattlesnak32 (Post 888243)
Anyone know anything about norinco aks?


North China Industries are/were a state-owned sales arm of the PRC Lib Army and was the front-company that provided the "branding" for tons of AKMs, SKS, ammo, 1911s, et al that CHICOM arsenals made and were imported into the USA pre-1994 Klinton CHICOM ban.

Many of the same arsenal-made goods were sold "un-branded" by a vast array of importers as well, or with brands specified by the importer - it seems that Keng's Firearms paid the right people, and so had "subcontracted" a bunch of AKs with their "PolyTech" branding on them.
They were apparently specified they have different packaging, furniture, as the PolyTechs have that "different look" than a Norinco AK made in the same arsenal.

See also

As mentioned, CHICOM AKs have a fragile blued finish as opposed to the EU-based AKs and kit-built derivatives we have today. The CHICOMs were not quite the WASRs of their day by comparison - but people equated cheap with cheap, as they were everywhere for about $260.00-$360.00.

But they are fine arsenal-made AKs, and were freaking awesome values back then considering all that you got in the box. And are still awesome guns; given that there are few true, imported, factory-made AKs around. With the Klinton CHICOM ban, we will never see them again.

That said, revisionist historians would have you believe that they are the best of the best, but... in the 80's - the desirable AKs were the VALMETs, Galils, Mitchell Yugos, Kassner Hunkies, maybe a MAADI as it "looked Russian".
And that was if you were not interested in the SARs, FALs, H&Ks, AR70s, AUGs, Daewoos, SIGs, AR15s and 180s, M1As, FNCs, G3s, that were readily found.

Gh0zt36 08-05-2012 01:01 AM

I got a MAK 90 norinco . 1.5mm steel as opposed to others 1.0mm means it doesn't get the goose egg on the trigger pins n such, Heavier chrome lined barrel < standard muzzle brake wont even try to fit on it > . And I got the more desireable straight cut reciever.

Great shooter , I bought mine from a guy who said it was given to him when his uncle who bought it died , Allegedly its never been fired before I got it .

It's a great gun and they keep goin up and up in price ... just since ive been watching them theyve gone from 650 -700 to 750 - 800 now ... So if you find one cheap GET IT!!

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