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FlukeLSX 07-29-2012 09:37 PM

M10 Accuracy not as bad as people may think...
Went shooting again, just got back actually.

After finally zero'ing the damn thing in at 100 yards.

Yeah, huge accuracy difference.

Between my newphew and I we hit 35 out of 36 rounds on a 12 inch bullseye at 100 yards via ironsights during 1 stretch.

After which we setup 2 targets 1 for my nephew 1 for me.

We each had 24 rounds.

I hit 19 out of 24 on a 12 inch bullseye with a grouping of about 6 inches for the most part. Approximately 79% consistancy. Which is up by 29% from the last time I shot while trying to zero the sight.

My nephew didn't do so good with approximately 10 out of 24 on a 12inch bullseye.

Granted I've put 3 times as many rounds through the gun than he has so I explained to him about sight picture give it time to find a consistant sight picture.

I also pointed out something I noticed at the range watching other people shoot. Granted not all of them with assualt rifles. But one thing I found common among everyone noone bothered to consider keeping their eblow in even when shooting from a sitting position. The only reason I mention this is because I want to get in the habbit of remembering to keep my elbow in when shooting from a standing position. I believe in my opinion this provides a more consistant sight picture when shooting from a sitting position with sandbags.

In either case, I explained this to my newphew as well and told him to remember he hasn't really shot that much to be as accurate as I should be by now.

I've probably rolled about 500-600 rounds myself where my newphew probably put through about 200 rounds.

All in all very fun now that we can actually hit the ef'ing target at 100yards.

I'll post pics later don't have the cam at the moment. Just wanted to share the experience is all.

FlukeLSX 07-29-2012 09:40 PM

Ya I know it's not a 2" grouping, but maybe when I'm ready to move to a scope I'll worry about it then.

Garadex 07-30-2012 06:09 AM

Sounds like a nice improvement, and it's an AK how accurate was anyone expecting.

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