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potentialglock 01-12-2013 03:12 PM

found two mags
Whoo found two 5.45x39 30 round magazines online for 13 bucks a piece!! And they're not backordered!!

7.62 Man 01-12-2013 03:19 PM

Where did you find them I have been looking for two weeks.
Send me a PM on your source if you would please?

YogiBear_727 01-13-2013 12:58 AM

I live in Ohio, and I occasionally shop at the Dunham's chain. About two weeks ago I found two mags there. One was a plastic mag, and one was a 40 rd steel mag. I bought both of them. I've bought mags there before, and it's just out of the way enough that a lot of people never think to look there.

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