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fupuk 02-19-2012 11:22 PM

I figured this would be a better place to post this question rather than in the ammo section. But im new to the "Ak" scene and ive been looking at ammo and found a deal on 1200 brass cased rounds for $175 but it said that it was corrosive and im wondering what the negetives are to shooting this ammo? Im planning on getting this for range practice because my range dont allow steel cased ammo. Is there a long term problem with using corrosive ammo and is just being cleaned after i shoot it good enough? But im also planning on getting russian surplus ammo that is sealed in a tin for stock of ammo just to have it on hand for a rainy day that is steel cased.


dragunovsks 02-20-2012 12:30 AM

Just clean your rifle as soon as possible after shooting and you shouldnt have any trouble with corrosive ammo. Cheap corrosive soviet bloc ammo is all i shoot in my sks, which fires the same round as the ak and ive never had any trouble. Im anal about keeping my firearms clean and always clean as soon as im done shooting.

c3shooter 02-20-2012 12:33 AM

Pull up a log, and have a seat. Corrosive has to do with primers.

Originally, primers were a bit of fulminate of mercury. Known as mercuric primers, the mercury tended to react with the brass over a period of time when sitting, and at once when shot. The amalgam formed would cause the brass to become brittle. This was replaced with a primer based on potassium chlorate.

Known as corrosive primers, chlorate (KClO3) burns to potassium chloride. Very similar to it's first cousin- sodium chloride (aka table salt). When fired it leaves a trace of chloride in the weapon. If you fail to clean that out, well, salt+ steel+ moisture= rust.

Much of the world began replacing the chlorate primers in the mid 1950s with non-corrosive primers. These were based on lead azide or lead styphanate. Due to health concerns about airborne lead, they are now being replaced by a non lead primer, diazo-dinitro-phenol. Commonly known as DDNP or "dinol."

Many of the communist nations did not switch over to non-corrosive primers- chlorate primers store well over long periods, and do not require stockpiles of strategic materials to make. But (Horrors:eek:) they do make steel rust if you do not clean it properly.

Properly means using something that will dissolve salt. Many cleaning solvents are petroleum based, and do not touch salt. Hmm- what could dissolve salt? Hey! How about WATER ?!?

And THAT is the answer. After shooting corrosive primed ammo, clean the weapon (same day) My technique works for me- Remove bolt, place gun in padded vise, barrel tipped down at a 45 degree angle, bucket sitting on floor under muzzle. Use cheap plastic funnel, pour a quart of HOT water slowly thru chamber. Ewww! LOOK at what came out! YUCK! Then take rod with brush, put a couple of drops of Dawn dish detergent on brush, scrub bore. Run another TWO quarts of HOT water thru barrel, let drain. While that is draining (and drying from the heat) take gas tube and piston, wash under hot water in sink. Let that drain, wipe down bolt with damp cloth. After things dry, oily patch thru the bore, light lube on other parts- you are done. 5 minutes + drying time (10 minutes) Some folks use Windex, but it is mainly the water in Windex that does the work.

fupuk 02-20-2012 12:55 AM

Thats exactly what i needed to know, thanks for the quick responses. Thanks again.

trip286 02-20-2012 12:56 AM

If you clean your gun after a range trip, or anytime it's fired and then goes into the corner, safe, or under the bed you won't have a problem.

You need to clean anytime you shoot though, even if it's only one shot, before letting your gun sit in a stored condition. I wouldn't wait anymore than a couple of hours after shooting, but I'm sure even a couple of days in some instances may not hurt it.

fupuk 02-20-2012 03:51 AM

When i take my handguns out i clean them as soon as i get home. So it wont be anything new. I just needed to know how to clean it and with what? Because im kinda lost with cleaning rifles that have shot corrosive ammo.


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