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DarkDeserter 03-08-2009 10:38 AM

AK74, Need help buying accessories for it.
Well to start off I recently purchased a AK74 at a Local gun show, Sadly I didn't come with any paper work or I probably wouldn't have these questions:

I want to replace it's butt stock, How do I know what kind of receiver I have in my gun to be able to buy the correct Butt stock?

I want to buy THIS for it as well, but what kind of mounts fit on a AK74? I don't really want to have a gun smith have to mount it :p.

Although I enjoy guns I don't know a lot about them, so any help is appreciated.

canebrake 03-17-2009 10:54 PM

Photos would help.

There is an unlimited amount of bling you can get for the AK.

You need to get some furniture with weaver rails like on my foregrip in the bottom photo where the Eotech and lazer are mounted.

I just picked up this red dot today on closeout!

BARSKA AC10332 RED DOT 50MM RED 5MOA for Sale at Buds Gun Shop $19.00

canebrake 03-17-2009 11:36 PM

Oh yea BTW WELCOME DarkDeserter, glad to have you here!

Here are some sites that should help you find info on your new purchase;

AK Stamped Receiver Verses Milled Receiver - Identification

AK-47, AKM, AK-74 Stock Removal and Replacement Instructions Removal of Gas Tube Handguard : #1 AK site on the web


DarkDeserter 03-17-2009 11:46 PM

Thank you for the links, my main problem right now is that I bought a ATI strike force kit for my AK74 and the hand guards refused to fit, and my butt stock has a bit of play in it, so I'm kinda confused on buying parts for it because the kit said it fitted all AK variants. My Ak74 is a 5.45x39mm.

Those picture's are pretty much how I'd love my AK to look :p but with my strikeforce kit refusing to fit I'm in a hole. (I guess that'd be the proper term...)

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