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mbmaness 02-29-2008 01:22 PM

AK47 Side Rail
I have a EKP-1S-03M Kobra sight that I want to mount on a stamped Polish Underfold. Which side rail is the best / most stabe for this set up? Pics of your setup would be great.


Tom the roofer 02-29-2008 03:13 PM

I have this one Michael. Lots of reviews for you to check out too. You cannot use your iron sights as advertised. It is however a very sturdy mount.

I could not get my scope zeroed in. The gun shot way left and there was not enough adjustment in my scope to bring it back that far. I messed around with the scope rings as in flip flopping them several ways and this helped but still had the same problem. I think my problem is in the scope rings and not the side mount.

I'm back to iron sights and a laser for now till the weather breaks. :)

Tom the roofer 02-29-2008 03:14 PM

BTW I have a WASR 10 :)

dglockster 03-12-2008 01:19 PM

Hi mbmaness,

You wrote: "Which side rail is the best / most stable for this set up?"

If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that the rifle does not have a side rail and you want to mount one. If so, this site can help you do so:

This site,, will give you a selection of side rail mounts and mounting hardware to choose from.

Below are a couple of pics of my EKP-1S-03M Kobra mounted on the side rail of my SAR-1. The set up is very stable and the sight keeps it zero if it has to be dismounted and then remounted.

Here are the instructions on how to zero the sight:

As Tom said, you will not be able to use the iron sights when the Kobra is mounted. Co-witnessing is possible on some of the newer Kobras but not on your model.

1928A1 03-12-2008 11:34 PM

side rails
I don't know anything about AK's but have a look at they are nato dealers and if you mention my name with your order i might get a good deal next time. Rob Fereday. I know they do side rails and have an on line catalogue.

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