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laynejc 04-05-2011 02:48 AM

Ak and SKS question
I am wanting to replace the gas piston in an AK and was wondering if I needed to heat the pin on it or just get violent with the hammer? Also same thing with the hand guard on the SKS? Thanks

LittleDragon 04-05-2011 03:03 AM

Dear Layne san,

LittleDragon own a Saab/Bofors Swedish make AK 5B. This is the designate marksman's version of the AK 5 Family System. It is a surgically precise weapon for high performance target shooting that LittleDragon uses in competition. Would never ever consider getting violent with the hammer for what you want to do. Would suggest you first remove the entire piston/cylinder assembly (carefully) and soak in fine quality machine oil for 24 hours first. Then use own eyes, hand and brain to look at problem logically and see if more delicate means of removal of pin present itself to you. There is no substitute for patience and caring when working with something you love such as beloved rifle neh :)
BTW am curious about what system you wish to replace the long stroke gas piston system with, if this is not being too nosy sir.

Your friend,

PS LittleDragon is handicap person. Have only been shooting for 2 sai (years), but the AK 5 was one of the first 3 rifles ever to own and it is one of LittleDragon's greatest treasures and cannot imagine ever manhandling it with something like a hammer. Am probably not the most expert person on this forum for you to discuss this problem with either, demo (word means but or however) have long love affair with the AK 5 and think you have same with your AK as is apparent in that you would like to upgrade it to make it better for you. However, am familiar with that pin of which you speak...the little bugger is common to most AKs as far as know and it can sometime be problem to remove. Not sure if any of this helps, demo wish you best of luck with project and hope you will keep LittleDragon informed of your progress. Ganbatte! (good luck!)

7.62 Man 04-05-2011 11:14 PM

The AK gas piston can be replaced by using sand paper (the finer the better) to remove any paint, or bluing from the end of the carrier.
Next locate the center of the rivet holding the piston (it should go horizontal through the carrier)as close to center of the rivet as you can get make a center punch mark, then using a 1/8" drill, drill the flared end of the rivet off, then use a small punch or brad push out the rivet.
If the rivet doesn't move you may need to drill off the flared end on the other side. When the rivet is out unscrew the gas piston.

To install the new gas piston just screw it into the carrier until it stops, then unscrew it 1/2 to 3/4 turn, and using a drill the same size as the rivet drill through the gas piston at the rivet hole. If you are off a little you can drill from the other side.
Then remove the gas piston & drill out the gas piston's hole to the next size up (it should be about 1/8").
Reinstall the gas piston and screw all the way in, then back it out until the holes line up, then rivet it in. Flair out the rivet on both sides until it is equal & sand smooth, re-paint or re-blue. The gas piston should have a small amount of wobble to it, this is normal.;)

LittleDragon 04-05-2011 11:53 PM

Dear 7.62Man san,

The AK-5B piston is not attach with rivet. Also the piston assembly on LittleDragon's weapon does not wobble at all. Is this normal for the AK-5B, even though it have similar pin to the one describe by Laynejc in his post ka (when add word, ka, onto end of sentence it make whatever you say into a question.)

Your new friend,


laynejc 04-06-2011 12:33 AM

Thanks 7.62, I had done one on an AK ALONG time ago but have since forgotten how I had done it, that sounds right. Now if I can just get the pin out on my sks, I bent my punch this afternoon trying :eek: It is really in there.

7.62 Man 04-13-2011 02:41 AM

Try using a short punch or nail set to get the pin started, then switch to the longer punch.;)

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