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dteed4094 05-04-2011 05:55 PM

AK Info please
I know absolutely 0 about AKs and have an opportunity to pick one up. It is a Norinco MAK 90, Made in China with CENTARMS CANADA stamped on the left side of the milled reciever. All numbers match. The bore is excelent, bluing is 95%, has some very minor handling marks in the wood. The owner says he put about 500 flawless rounds down the tube. Who knows for sure. I shot about 30 rounds through it. comes with 2 ten and 2 twenty round mags. I am interested in knowing a reasonable price and how this rifle is rated compared to others as far as quality and availability. I also know its a matter of taste, but should I leave it as is or use it as a starting point.
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Sniper03 05-04-2011 07:43 PM


The prices for this weapon runs all over the board and especially if it is a milled receiver. Up to $700+ on Gun Broker. Personally if it is a nice weapon as stated and had no problems when you fired it? I would probably start out by offering him $400-$450.00. If he goes for it you have a good deal in my opinion. I have a MAK-90 that I purchased several years ago only it is in 223/5.56 Cal. I love the rifle and it is a good weapon! I would buy one in 7.62X39 if I needed one. Maybe some day I will. Or at least think I need it! HA HA!


IGETEVEN 05-04-2011 08:27 PM

If you can pick it up well under that $700 price, which is about the average going price on them MAK 90's, I would go for it. $500-$600 would still be a good price for one at today's prices. They have a thicker milled receiver (1.6mm) thicker than an regular AK, as 03 stated, and they don't have quite the trigger slap as most regular AK's do. It's worth having, if you do indeed get a good price on it.

orangello 05-04-2011 08:48 PM

I like the look of them, and they do seem to be of more limited availability. I have read that the whole 922 song-n-dance is more complicated with that model, if you should decide to change it up for some silly reason.

dteed4094 05-05-2011 12:31 AM

I probably won't change it up but I have short stubby arthritic fingers and the thumb hole is too meaty around the grip. I will probably refine the shape of the origional stock to more comfortable, useable proportions. As it is I can't put my thumb through the hole and fire it. It also is a very crudely shaped butt. Not sure about the dark finish either, the color just rubs me the wrong way. I or I should say my wife is going to probably inherit it from her cousin who has passed. She is the closest person to him that has anything to do with guns and every one else is intimidated because it's an AK47. An apprehensive "WHOOOO an AK47"!!! is their reaction. I myself am more of a sporting rifle type of guy but this has arroused a new interest. Oh oh, my lack of self control with a new interest is a bit scarey.

pranc2 05-05-2011 03:17 AM

get it. great AK never heard anything bad about a MAK. i could never find one.

orangello 05-05-2011 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by dteed4094 (Post 498682)
... every one else is intimidated because it's an AK47. An apprehensive "WHOOOO an AK47"!!! is their reaction.

Comfort them by letting them know that this model was specifically made to be less scary and offensive to the wussies afraid of the AK-style rifles. IIRC, it was also supposed to dodge the ban on "assault rifles" hence the thumbhole stock.


bizy 05-05-2011 05:05 PM

I have one to
My grandson shoots my mac 90 more than I do.. Any ammo brand, 7.62X39 will fire through my Mac.. I tellya I will never have a weapon that is more trouble free than Mac 90. You guys make me feel really good.. I only paid $300 form my mac. If you have a chance to pick up one for around $600, you will soon find it was money well spent..

Saiga models some of their guns after the AK47. It is hard to improve perfection..

Question: Will the Mac 90 interchange parts with the AK47 and/or AK74?


dteed4094 05-06-2011 04:22 AM

Thanks for all the Input. As for comforting them, F'em let them be intimidated. I'm tired of putting up with ignorant antis. Especially family and friends that have to know I'm harmless. If, or when the **** hits the fan, guess whoe's gonna be knocking on my locked door. If you are afraid of or can't shoot a gun you are just a liability unless you have useful survival ability.

dglockster 06-07-2011 10:59 PM

If you donít mind doing a little reading before buying an AK, the two URLs below will take you to posts that discuss what to look for when buying an AK style rifle. Both posts are by the same author and are a part 1/part 2 format.

Part 1: :: View topic - How to buy an AK47 - Part One

Part 2: :: View topic - How to buy an AK47 - Part Two

Then go to for some excellent tutorials on the AK rifle. The site is primarily for Romanian AK rifles but the principals discussed and illustrated apply to nearly all AK makes.

After you think about what youíve read, donít be surprised if you know more about the AK than the person selling.

If you personally inspect the rifle, check out the usual suspects: canted front sight, canted gas block, FCG (check to see if it's U.S. made). Depress the plunger pin in the bottom front of the FSB and try unscrewing the muzzle device (the muzzle probably has LH threads). Borrow a 20- or 30-round mag when you inspect the rifle and insert it to check fit and function (does the mag have side-to-side wobble?). Ask if you can dry fire the rifle (dry firing will not damage an AK) and notice the feel of the trigger as well as the feel of the bolt carrier as you pull it back. In addition, when the carrier is released, does it go all the way forward without any type of hang-up?

If the rifle passes all of the above, it's probably good to go. If there are problems, the Linx310 post above, may tell you how to correct the problem.

And, the chart at Gunwiki: 922(r) Worksheet for AK-47 Builds will help you to better understand those pesky 922r requirements that apply to an AK.

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