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diggsbakes 07-30-2010 11:22 AM

AK Build Possibilities. . .
So everyone is into building ARs right now. (including me) But what about the old AK-47. I'm ready to get my hands dirty on a new AK build of any sort, in hope of charging up some folk to do the same.

In the past I've been involved in plenty of Saiga conversions as well as some kit rebuilds using 80%ers with templates and 100% stamped receivers. All the kits and their partner receivers were of pre-ban origin, mostly cheap Romanian parts kits (>$100 at the time) and cheap aftermarket stamped receivers of American origin. They all worked well. . . not the best lookers, but great shooters.

So now. . . It seems that parts kits all exceed $200. This would not be a big deal to me, except that they come from milled rifles. Milled receivers (usually 1.6mm thick) are going for close to $300. Do the math and you got a new AK with mags and a warranty. :confused:

I know some mods can be made to build out a typical stamped (1mm thickness) receiver in order to accept the trunnions from a milled kit, but that is neither ideal or desired when looking to put together a quality piece of machinery. :rolleyes:

Does anyone know of a source for reasonably priced kits from stamped AKs???

OR. . .
Does anyone know of a source for a stamped 1.6mm receiver, that could be used for a build off of a milled parts kit?

My internet searching skills are limited to Google, so any help WILL result in a documented AK build. I would love to just do it from a basic kit on a stamped receiver, using quality internals as well as reasonable, economical customizations that would set this AK apart from the regular commercial models at a cost (and the fun of learning) that would turn others on to the project.

Who's Game???

aslowdodge 08-02-2010 06:11 AM

I will be following this. I bought an Ak at Big 5 and a lot of people said I got ripped off, got a crappy gun and they could build 2 aks for what I paid. Well owning another Ak is not out of the question but I am pretty new. The short time I spent looking and maybe I don't know what I am looking at puts building an Ak at a lot more than what others said. I paid about $480 at Big 5, People said that was a waste and I could get a Saiga for a lot less. I looked into it and after bringing it into ca it was maybe $410 or so, But the conversion was more than the io at Big 5. The Io at big 5 simply needed a pistol grip and bullet button. That said cost wise it seemed a bit cheaper to build you own, but not as much as everyone says.
Also you have to factor in tools and time. But then again I want to do it just to learn, so I will watch this thread. I have the Io and a saiga, but a 3rd ak is ok .

diggsbakes 08-03-2010 02:55 AM

Well, I don't know if it's gonna happen. The Saiga conversion option is seeming to be most reasonable option as the compatibility of parts kits vs. receivers are strangely scarce and lopsided in respect to cost. Romanian stamped kits are all close to $300? :confused: This just baffles me because complete rifles with a couple of mags and a warranty are not much more than that. The Yugo kits aren't bad ($200) and would probably be the most reasonable if I got an 80% receiver kit. The rifle could probably be built for under $400, still not much savings, but fun and experience would be included.

No one here seems to have an interest in this sort of project, mainly due to the trendiness of AR builds at the moment, (which are fun too BTW) so I'll be doing most of my planning and research elsewhere, but will surely post up my results. :)

aslowdodge 08-03-2010 04:27 AM

Well I guess maybe I'll just order another Saiga and convert it . Since I have to do the FFL for another gun, I can add the saiga on for $10 for dros and ffl fees. The saiga is 319 plus 25 to ship. Probably the best best right now.

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