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_winer_ 02-04-2012 04:56 PM

AK barrel diameter
Hi all,
I'd like to know the dimensions of your barrels. Specifically exterior diameter in the front handguard area. I read it somewhere it should be .688 on romanians and type 56. Can you confirm this?

The reason of the odd question is that am trying to mount an Ultimak rail on my EAG Real Sword Type 56-2 and the barrel seems to bee too large (0.728 = 18.5mm) for the mounting clamps.
Right now am planning to file down the barrel a little, i believe it's thick enough to allow this. But that is something I wouldn't do on a firearm. Would like to know as am planning to buy an Ak (most likely Saiga / Romanian / DDR) in the future and pass the ultimak + red dot on it.

Kind regards

_winer_ 02-22-2012 08:26 PM

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Well, after some filing all mounted nicely. I just tested it and was hugely impressed. How easy it is now to aim in difficult light conditions! :D
I know all this will sound naive to most of you and more than one will raise an eyebrow to the A..S... word but here it is REALLY quite a long painful process to have the real deal. Oh well, in due time...

Kind regards

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