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AK-74 jams alot.

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check the mags like general lee said..
that is normally one of the 1st things you check/change on any weapon that jams for what seems to be no reason.
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sounds like a busted extractor to me, but im no expert.
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I cleaned the used rifle up real good, put 100 rds down range and it still jammed, mainly stove piped or over-ride, just really bad extraction. I took an old M-16 chamber brush on one section of rifle rod, chucked it in my variable speed drill & polished the chamber with some fine grade rubbing compound. The empty cases had been dragging in a rough chamber. Slowing them down enough to cause a jam. End of problem.
I would definitely start by completing the above (highly visible ) tasks. Many folks flat out do not EVER clean their AKs. I used to be one of them. This applies mostly to the AK-47 rather than the 74, but MANY AKs can be shot through the life of the bolt/carrier group with out a cleaning. Start with a typical cleaning and if it appears to have excessive fouling, keep going until you feel confident that EVERY moving part can do its job.

All the surplus 5.45x39 I've ever used is Bulgarian. Some of the guys I shoot with had problems with certain lots of the Russian surplus. Others have said their AK-74s didn't break in & run perfect till after around 300 rds?

Another thing, ALL my AKs love grease. I use a Q-tip & white lithium on all wear areas of the bolt & a light film inside the rails. Some guys use oil but I lube my AKs like they were a Garand or M-1A. This is just what I ran into, hope you get yours 100%. Ken
I've shot ammo from countries other than Bulgaria, but the majority is from there and is AT LEAST mildly CORROSIVE!!!, even if it says it isn't. Now I've never heard of, or experienced any AK having a "break in" period. Mine have, for the most part ran consistently without a hiccup for years, nearly decades.

Between shooting Mil-surp ammo and putting your rifle up for storage, use an ammonia based solvent VERY thoroughly. There are commericially available options from Midway USA or you can use Windex in a water solution and give your gun a "bath". It sucks watching out for the furniture and stuff, so just get the solvent.


Something is really wrong and it's deeper than the type of ammo and/or magazine.

Good Luck!
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Any number of things could cause this rifle to jam. It will take time and patience to get to the root of the problem.

The most common problems for a rifle jamming a lot are:

1. Bad ammo.
2. Bad or wrong magazines being used in the firearm. With some AK-74 people have tried to use/adapt magazines for the .223 versions of the rifles instead of using the 5.45 X 39 magazines and vice versa. Get the right magazines for the rifle.
3. A weak recoil spring.
4. Burrs in the feeding chamber area or on any feed ramps.
5. Varnish build up in the chamber areas or on the feed ramps.
6. Tolerances off on the various moving parts or interlocking parts of the firearm like the edges of the bolt fitting against the rear of the chamber and so on.
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OK, Even though you cleaned the gas system, you may have some crude built up in the Gas block. I always use boiling water down the bore and into the gas block when cleaning. The issues are the corrosive primers and lacquer coated cases. Put the 2 together and they will gum up the works pretty fast. I would use really hot soapy water, plug the bore and use a rod w/ a tight fitting patch to force the soapy water out through the gas block. A little hydraulic action works great. Just use some paper towel rolled tight or a cleaning patch to plug the bore and rest it on a sponge. Sounds like you are short stroking because of the lack of gas.
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Default Ak jam fix

I have had the same thing happen and found this: First I replaced the trigger assy as the hammer face was worn and the bolt appeared to catch on the back of the hammer. That did not stop the problem, then I found if I would put constant, upward pressure on the loaded magazine mine would fire and not jam. It took me a while to figure it out. It was not a magazine problem or ammo problem at all. The bolt rides on the upper lips of the receiver and because they were worn the bolt would lift and go over the next round in the magazine, or as you said only partially load and then jam with the rim still in the mag and the rest of the round only halfway in the chamber, or it would just miss the next round completely. It would also not eject the fired case sometimes. I took a small cressent wrench and a small ball pien hammer and very carefully reformed the top lips on the receiver, downward slightly. This allowed the bolt to stay down where it belongs and pick up the cartridges. I have had no more problems with the rifle. This may be your problem also. I hope this helps.
Originally Posted by ragstoriches View Post
Sorry if this has been asked but I just hate searching for answers. I recently bought myself an AK-74. I bought it off of a friend of mine. He mentioned that it jammed once in a while, but after I bought it and took it out I noticed that "once in a while" meant every other round. Is there a common problem that would cause this. It is stovepiping most of time but sometimes the casing works it's way under the whole bolt assembly or sometimes off to the wrong side. I am by no means an expert with this thing and don't really know technical terms. With that said. I was thinking maybe the part towards the rear that holds the round in front of the firing pin may not be rotating quick enough for the casing to strike the ejector pin( the little piece of steel on the left hand inside of the frame) hard enough or flush enough to eject the casing. The only other thing I could think of is that I am using army surplus rounds that I got with the gun. I think he said that they are 50 or even 52 grain. That seems like a light powder load for this round. Is it possible that the round isn't throwing the slide back far enough to eject the casing right. If this where the case though you would think that the hammer wouldn't be resetting. Could somebody give some advice? I got about 15 rounds straight out of it at the most before it would jam, but usually it's every third or every other casing that jams. I got six clips and 600 rounds of ammo with the ak and the gun has a folding stock on it too. I only paid 350 dollars so if I have to replace something it would be still be worth it. Any help out there for me?
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I would first clean the chamber real well to assure there is no varnish buildup in the chamber at all. You might function the bolt by hand as quick as possible to see if the extractor and ejector is pulling the cases out of the chamber. Then since the majority of semi auto and auto rifle malfunctions are caused by magazines. When you have a malfunction mark the magazine with a piece of chalk. This will give you an idea of which magazine might be causing the most issues. Keep in mind you might want to purchase "One" brand new magazine and load a few quality factory rounds in it "Not Surplus Rounds" to see if you still have the problem. God only knows what condition the mags are in or how they have been treated prior to you owning them. Just dropping them out of the weapon on a hard surface can trash the lips on the magazines. You then think you have a weapon problem when it is not the weapon at all.

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