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Either arsenal or a modified saiga

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Surprisingly the Centurion 39 from CAI is a really good rifle. Milled receiver with a good overall fit and finish. All American made too.

I still like the Yugo/Serbian AK's the most tho. I'm just a sucker for Zastava.

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Originally Posted by Anna_Purna View Post
Badget? We don't need no stinkin' badgets

welcome to the forum Mcalig
LOOL sorry...I meant "budget", with the "U"...not the "A" DD
I shouldn't write posts while I was drunk(Bachelor party)

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Default Ok...let's talk seriously

Originally Posted by Mark_Van_Goth View Post
Oh man...if the price doesn't bother you and you're looking for something particular, the solution to your problem is a custom built.There are many AK workshops/gunsmiths in the USA, it is hard to believe that they can't satisfy your needs.

I would do as follows:
1)Define what kind of weapon you're looking for.The AK is available in several configurations/categories
-Assault rifle and assault weapons
-Sporting rifle
-Hunting rifle
-Combat shotgun
-Submachine gun

I guess, basing my opinion on what you posted, that you're looking for an assault rifle(Multi fire mode(semi auto, full auto, burst).So let's say that it is an assault rifle.

2)Define the caliber of your weapon..Since we're talking about an assault rifle, the most common calibers are

It all depends on your skills,what you expect from your rifle and how common the ammo is in the USA.The 5,45x39 (AK74 ammo) is very controllable and may cause devastating wound-unfortunately, it is not very common in the USA.The 5,56x45 has an extremely flat trajectory(very accurate) but it is somehow "weak" in terms of stopping power and penetration power.But is very common and relatively cheap(It's the main ammo of the US armed forces and guns enthusiast).At the end of our list, there is the 7,62x39, the "classic one".This ammo is pretty common even in the USA.It is a harder to control(you need some extra practice to get used to it), it is relatively cheap and has a great penetration/stopping power.Unfortunately, the trajectory is not that flat(the bullet drop is not best) but it can still offer effective/accurate fire at 220yds-265yds(200-250m) with iron sights.

3)Define what materials you want to be used in your AK.
Receiver: Obviously steel
Trigger group:The lighter it is, the faster it will be-improved accuracy.Aluminum, no doubt about it.
Furniture:Polymer or aluminum.The wood can be an option, but it is not as light and durable("sensitive" to moisture) as its counterparts, it is not that suitable for tactical purposes. Avoid the plastic(Easy to break and melt).
Barrel:High grade steel.This will sound odd but...I would mount a custom barrel(match-like, polygonal) on it.This would increase the rifles weight but it would increase its accuracy.

4)Define the rifle's configuration
Buttstock:M4 like polymer buttstock, side-foldable, collapsible.
Receiver:Milled.Must allow even full-auto fire(if legal in your country).A bolt-hold-open feature would be nice.A one-finger-quick-mag-release lever would be nicer.Having a good fire-mode switch(thumb-activated) can be an option.
Bolt carrier:Lighter.By drilling a couple holes in it, you can make it lighter(e.g. : Zastava M21).What's the difference?Increased rate of fire(full-auto) + the weapon is more controllable + it can improve the accuracy during rapid fire
Receiver cover:with an integrated picattiny rail system.Even if you usually don't use it, its good to have that option(e.g. to mount optics).
Sights:You can keep the factory ones, but I suggest your to upgrade them.I would remove the standard rear sights from the sights block and install upgraded sights on the rail system located on the receiver cover(greater distances between rear and front sights= + accuracy).Anyway...sights must be upgraded.
Furniture:Polymer, tactical like.FAB Defense would be ok.A quad-rail system on the handguards would be my choice.The pistol grip must be ergonomic.
Muzzle accessories:A custom muzzle brake.Non-integrated(If you want to change/replace it, you can do it).
Barrel:Match grade.Slightly longer(450mm to 500mm).
Short barrel=A more compact weapon + stronger recoil + shorter effective range(E.g. try to shoot a zastava M92 in'll quickly figure out what I'm talking about)
Longer barrel=Bulkier weapon system + moderate recoil + longer effective range

Other:The loading handle must can be modified, but I'm pretty satisfied with the standard one, so I'm not sure if I would replace/modify it.

Price for the built:Several thousands dollars. At least 2500+ $.
Result of the built:An AK that can be used effectively in almost any role, made to fit your hands and to be far superior to the majority of the other AKs(factory-made).The rifle combines the rugged reliability of the AK platform with some "western" improvements.

A good starting point? KTR 03s
Ok...these are the main things.I would add some more things.
1)You should start from a RK....model 62 or later(The 95 is much nicer but not really common in the USA)
2)A recoil rubber should be added to the configuration decribed by Mark
3)Bolt hold open feature?Yes, but a well made one, not the first versions present on...for example the M70-Once you remove the empty mag, the bolt slides forward=the chamber is still empty and you have to load the weapon as always.A good bolt-hold-open mechanism should stay open even if an empty was removed and close when a fresh mag was inserted.This is almost impossible on the AK platform.The only way to achieve this is to modify the weapon to accept mags with a follower and obviously the bolt.
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