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joecrowslayer 01-14-2011 01:22 AM

AK-47 help needed vz2008 or Yugo m70
I am purchasing a firearm in a couple weeks I have been doing a heavy amount of searching on the web and I am buying one of the following. Either a vz2008 "fixed stock, not underfolder" , or a yugo m70. Both are made by century which worries me slightly, but with all the reviews I have read if I get a bad gun I am going to overnight ship it back for a replacement, or a refund. If I get the vz2008 I am planning on getting a sling and keeping it stock. If I get a yugo I'd spend a couple hundred more. I kinow the yugo is a heavy well made weapon. I have been reading good reviews about the vz2008, and I like the style more. I'm going to plink targets occasionally, but when shtf I want a reliable firearm that is of AK style, and of 7.62 caliber.

What gun should I buy, and why?
what is more accurate?
since the vz2008 is discontinued are parts hard to get?

joecrowslayer 01-14-2011 01:40 AM

Help on Ak purchase vz2008 or yugo m70
What concerns should I have in these guns? like the foregrip overheating. are the vz magazines a tight fit in the gun? tell me the good the bad, and thankyou.

GunNut 01-14-2011 04:10 AM

If you are going to buy a CZ VZ 58 then go with one stamped "TGI". I think it stands for Tennesse Guns. They are the ones CZ sold as thier own product while Century never entered into a contract with CZ. I own a TGI 58 and love it; it is the best semi-automatic rifle I have ever owned and I have owned about ten AK's and ten SKS's.

Aftermarket parts are available at the MAKO Group website and most of their products are made in Israel to a pretty high standard. I got the Mako folding stock, grip and forearm. They have two or three different stocks. They advertise the folding stock I bought can be used to butt-stroke an adversary if needed and take the abuse. It is a Galil style stock. Not that I plan to ever butt-stroke anybody but it locks up very tight.

Direct replacement parts are best found on the Czechpoint website and that is where you can get more magazines and every original replacement part you would ever want at a very decent price.

billdeserthills 01-14-2011 04:40 AM

Centerfire has the VZ2008,
But they are stamped Century Arms- Of course they cost about half what I paid for the TGI one I still have...

As far as your SHTF scenario...
Most of my customers won't buy the VZ2008 or even the CZ VZ-58 as they use their own magazine & it is different from an AK mag. The revolutionary guys out here want to be able to pick up a dead guy's AK Mags & use them in their own gun...that is what I hear all gunshow long. Of course now that I got the VZ 2008 from Century marked at $400 we'll see what they say this show

GunNut 01-17-2011 12:14 AM

After making the post yesterday about my VZ 58 being marked "TGI" I must make correction. It is Stamped "D Technics" and "GIA" and "Knox, TN". This is the fireram CZ USA offered as theirs not the one marked "TGI".

After making the post I read another informing me that the Yugoslavian 7.62 X 39 is mildly corrosive I remembered that is the last ammo I put through the weapon and I went and checked; sure enough there were small amounts of rust in the forward gas adaptor which needed to be cleaned up. Other than that everything was fine but I learned a little lesson. Do not assume that good looking bright shinnny ammo is not corrosive. I knew the stuff was Berdan primed and not easy to reload but I really thought it was not corrosive. While cleaning the firearm I read the markings and figured I had better make things right.

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