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Am still using up the very large supply of Russian and Chinese Milsurp I picked up a few years back. Have bought some Remington for hunting- heard the same complaint about .308 vs .311, so pulled a Remington bullet and miked it. - .311. I have run a few boxes of Bear thru one of my SKSs, and it does well. Ref: Corrosive- I shoot a LOT of corrosive 7.62 Russian, as well as 7.62x39. Just clean the rifle. Takes less than 5 minutes.

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That's all I use in my SKS, the cheap russian milspec stuff that is. I've shot Bear ammo before but it's not available in the local gunstores in my area. I guess they just don't carry it anymore. Everyone in my area carries Wolf, and I shoot the hell out of it. I can't see spending $10 per box of 20 for Remington UMC when I can get Wolf for $5 a box, especially since the rifle is russian anyways. Don't get me wrong, Remington makes some great ammo and I use it in my other guns. However my SKS runs just fine on the cheap stuff, kind of like my old Ford.


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My sks gets wolf. I like steel casings as they were good enough for the US Army
in WWII so there good enough for me.I don't get caught up in dirty as I clean
after each visit to the range. Bad for extractors I'v e yet to replace one on any of my firearms.

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I have several thousands round of Wolf and never had a single issue with it running through my SAR3.


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I like Silver Bear, or any of the Bears, if you can find it.

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I've always stuck with the Wolf, silver bear and Tula ammo. It's kind of dirty as far as powder goes but your SKS or AK was designed to use this type and the SKS was originally manufactured at the Tula cartrage plant in Russia and specifically made around that steel cased, dirty round. Just remember that brass ammo expands differently when the chamber is hot in these guns brass ammo will start to give you failure to extract issues. And since the chamber of these guns is of less close tolorence then most, neck cracking and chamber detonations can happen with brass ammo. I'd stick to the steel cased Russian/Ukrainian/Chinese stuff. It's never done me wrong.


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Steel is OK for cartridges like 7.62 X 39. To say brass is NOT good for this application is just silly. Brass is better than steel for cartridge case use, period.

One of the reasons steel cased ammo seems to be "dirtier" is the incomplete seal in the chamber. If you were to take the components of the Wolf/Tula/Brown Bear ammo and load into a brass case, it would be cleaner


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I fired the Remington and Prvi Partisan ammo back-to-back with the garden variety, from my AK. I failed to see the difference. Not on steel plates, quite small ones too. That's good news, if you don't care to reload (I don't).

Cleaning an AK is so easy that whatever extra dirt may end up in there, it is worth one more blast of canned air.

If you shoot hundreds non-stop, better use non-lacquered cases like Golden Tiger or Silver Bear (was still for sale on CTD this week) or similar.

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Commie ammo for mine!

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What is this "buy" you speak of?

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