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My fetish is with US service rifles of which I have several 1903s, M1s, and M1As. Have another 03 coming next week.

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Any smokeless powder Russian gun. They shoot good, they look good, they run good. Did I mention that they are good.


I'm gonna stop you right there, you just said an AR-15 is a high-powered rifle. It is obvious you don't know anything about guns and I shall ignore anything you say from this point on.

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Garadex, check out FPSRUSSIA on Youtube. He doesn't shoot many Russian guns, (that I've noticed, anyway), but he's hilarious.

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Heavily addicted to Old Marlin rifles...anything pre-2000...LOL ;D

At least they seem to have turned the corner on the new ones...
most of the lines are running at full capacity after getting those new guys trained up...
last couple of loads of 60/795/XT22's have been better than the 2005-2011 ones
Now I'm waiting on some lever-actions to see how they've come out...


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Any mil-surp in original military configuration. Excluding my sporter M1917.


Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Sir Winston Churchill
Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle. - General George S. Patton Sr.

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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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i guess my rifle fetish would be accurate modern bolt action rifles. these are the bulk of my collection and what i shoot the most and reload for.

Coming from the Village of the Damned.
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It has been quite a while since I bought any "modern" firearms. I have a nice selection of modern revolvers, pistols shotguns and rifles, and really don't have any desire to increase my "working" gun inventory.

My fettish has turned to the Russian guns, and specfically to the Mosin-Nagant. Threre are many reasons; the Russians/Soviets were/are a strange culture and have an interesting history. The more you study it, the stranger they become, from my Western prospective.

Being a child of the cold war, and remembering Atomic bomb drills in school, fallout instructions with the Saturday morning cartoons, and hearing Kruschev telling us that he was going to bury us, it is also damn cool to me that I am ending up with their historical artifacts, it is a sort of **** you Nikita.


"It is better to be too skeptical then too credulous"

Carl Sagan

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I like cheep but good guns. Only have one gun that was over 300 dollars. And one saturday night special that was under 100 over 500 rounds thure it with out any problms but one failer to fire with 10year old ammo

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