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Who else is into levers?

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I like them too but I don't have one...yet.

My wife's uncle has a Marlin lever action in every caliber they ever made. You name it he has it.
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Default 32-20 not working in win.

some of the veteran lever owners are telling me that 32-20 rounds will feed and fire in 32WCF stamped rifels. I have an 1892 model win. 32WCF in excelent cond. I'm trying to use Ultramax 115gr. they will not feed into the chamber due to lingth. I have checked with other gun smiths and they are telling me that the 32WCF messures1.223 and the 32-20 messures1.590 witch is to long. Can some one clear this up for me. These same rounds work real well in my Marlin model 92.
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.32 WCF is the original designation for the .32-20. Other makers did not want the Winchester name on their guns (Marlin). So they called the same cartridge by a different name.

If one is giving feeding problems, check to be sure the over all length is not exceeded. A different bullet profile may also be the cause.
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i would love to get one in .357, .44, 45-70 and a 30/30 or 30-06
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When I do get around to buying a lever action, its going to be one of these.
Who else is into levers? - General Rifle Discussion
Thats just a beautiful rifle.

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When I was ten yrs old, Mattel came out with a replica Win. Mod. 1894. The "classic" cowboy rifle. I begged and whined and got one for Christmas, 1958.

Just recently purchased a Win. Mod. 1894 in 30-30 (30 WCF), just happens to be mfg'd in 1958. And a Marlin Mod. 1894 in 44 Mag. mfg'd in 1964.

The Marlin in 44 mag just does it for me. The Win. is more of a "safe queen."
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Marlin 1894 in .44 mag loaded with .44 sp 200 gr gold dots is my house gun. Haven't really wrung out the leverevolution stuff in the 30-30s yet. Used to have a .444, traded it off, it shot right where I looked with it and EVERYTHING I shot with it fell down.
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had a marlin guide gun in marlin 450 got ride of it. Rattled the teeth to much.
have a henery 22 lr , just got a puma lever in 454 casuall it's not to bad.
doesn't lever very clean though have to work on it.
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I miss my marlin 44 mag,one of my first deer rifles,bought it new at kmart for 110 dollars around 1980,dont know why I sold it now.
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I like levers a lot. Only have two right now. One is a Model 1873 Winchester, 1891 vintage. The other is a Marlin Golden 39A Mountie, 1967 vintage.

Used to have a Rossi Puma .357 Trapper. Unfortunately was dumb enough to trade it off.
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