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mwsfarm 03-13-2009 02:56 AM

Who else is into levers?
I can't help it. I love lever action rifles. If you haven't shot a .308 marlin express or for that matter any of the leverevolution ammo through your lever guns you have to get some. the old model 94 loves it.

I went into a local shop last week to order a Saiga .308, and left the store with the Marlin .308MXLR, a 400 yard stainless/laminate lever gun. I already had 2 other .308's and still want a Saiga, but I have no regrets, I'm a sucker when it comes to both old and new lever guns.

Anyone else have this affliction?

SGT-MILLER 03-13-2009 03:10 AM

Ok, your avatar is a pic of the most "tacticool" lever gun I have ever

I have always been a fan of the model 94. I would like to own a nice one someday. They make for good subsistance rifles.

CA357 03-13-2009 03:17 AM

Right now I only have a Marlin 1895 SS 45-70. I used to have an 1895 Ltd. II in 45-70 and an 1894 in .357. I miss that .357 lever a bunch. If I can find one for a decent price when I've got the cash, I'm gonna' snap it up. :D

mwsfarm 03-13-2009 03:51 AM

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45-70 1895SBL is next on my list- with a red dot ! :eek:

CA357 03-13-2009 03:58 AM

I really like the look of the grey laminate and stainless. :cool:

dukech1 03-13-2009 10:26 AM

I have a Marlin 336 and a 1894? in .44 mag, love both, plan on another as soon as possible.:)

matt g 03-13-2009 04:16 PM

I grew up using my dad's .30-30 Winchester to hunt with. It's a rock solid rifle that carried plenty of ammo in the tube.

hunter Joe 03-13-2009 05:21 PM

The Model 94 30-30 Win. probably killed more whitetails than any other firearm produced, although, it is probably the most dangerous long gun made. I was happy when Marlin introduced the cross-block safeties on their firearms. This made the lever more user friendly.

ScottG 03-13-2009 05:21 PM

Unfortunately, I only have my Henry lever at the moment. I've seen a vintage Marlin a few times at various gun shows, but because it's the same one, I guess there's something wrong with it or maybe too pricey.

I'm considering a Puma in .357 as my next purchase.

Rex in OTZ 03-14-2009 01:30 AM

Lever Blasters!
Im a sucker for a lever gun had a few and traded off some
Have a Marlin 336A in 30-30

but traded off a Western Auto (marlin 30A) 30-30
56 in .22lr

Winchester model 64 in 30-30
88 in .308
250 in .22lr

Rossi Puma model 92 in .38/357

Savage 99F in .243

Ithaca model M49R in .22lr

I never had a Ruger alwase wanted to shoot one see how they measure up to a Marlin 56 or 57

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