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What's your favorite rifle to shoot?

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Currently, my 1944 Lee Enfield. Soon to be a M1 Garand once I'm able to get to the CMP
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My Savage 93F in .22 WMR. Better wind resistance than an LR with little sound and no real noticeable recoil.
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Easy to answer. Remington 700 30-06, topped with Nikon Buckmaster 3-9 x 40.

It shoots exactly where I aim it. Let's me know I shot it by giving me a little "love-tap" on the shoulder. Doesn't need expensive or hand loaded rounds either. I'm a simple guy who likes things dependable and solid. This gun epitomizes that.

On that same theme, my Ruger 10/22 wins for toy/plinker shooting. But for me it is a stretch to mention this as a rifle......badder than a BB gun though

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My AR-15 with a Leapold 2-9 x 40, I play golfing game with it from, probably the most fun I've ever had at the range.
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Ever since this thread started,it got me thinking about a favorite rifle.
I can't name just one rifle,I have favorites for every type of shooting/hunting that I do.

Rimfires-My favorites are a Glenfield 60,a modified Ruger 10/22T,and a Remington 552 Speedmaster

Varmint hunting-I always take my RRA 20" Varminter AR15 and Savage 12FLVSS 223's,and my Savage 110FLP 25/06.

Deer hunting-That's a no brainer! Savage 110FLP 25/06,10FCP 308,or the 12FLV 7mm-08 that I recently assembled.

Elk hunting- Remington 1903A3 sporter 30/06 or Savage 110FLP 300WM with my hunting barrel/stock on it.

Hog hunting- 458 SOCOM,223's,25/06,7mm-08,or 308.They all knock'em down.

Target shooting-All of the above rifles,but the Savage 223 and 25/06 would be favorites over the rest.It's really hard to shoot bad with these rifles.
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Favorite to shoot is my S&W 15-22, because I don't think about cost every time I pull the trigger.

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My new favorite paper puncher is a .260 Rem. Near the same external ballistics as the .300 Win. Mag. I shoot.


It's a Spartan Precision Rifle on a 591 Surgeons reciever with a 26" Bartlein #7 MTU contour Barrel in a McMillan A-5.
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I really like shooting my Mosins, or my AK, or bolt .06, but if I had to get back to just one "shooter" it would be the old Winchester M-190, tube fed .22. Even when I am broke I can shoot to my hearts content with the .22.
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My little cheap wasr10 that people love to brate. I point it, it goes bang, destroys what I aimed at. Repeat 30 times. How cool is that ?
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Marlin 1894c 357mag. Great brush gun and a blast at the range. + I like a long/handgun combo in the same caliber.

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