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Anti personal mines, and a 7mm rem mag to pick off the ballzy ones that keep coming.

Joking aside I'm a big fan of my 12 gauge but for a pistol a 357 mag is always close by.


"come on you sons of b***hs! do you want to live forever?" Sergeant Daniel Daly, USMC, Belleau Wood France June 6th 1918

"You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went. You could swear, curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go" Benjamin Button


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Anything I can get to before they can get to me. It doesn't have to be a firearm, either:

I'm none to proud to stop an intruder with a 6 iron, a broom handle or a kick in the balls

leave the cannoli - take the gun
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Prayer and Faith have been my greatest and most consistent guardians in life. So far, its always come through. Any and every weopon or animal you can carry or keep are made much more effective with a little faith and a quick "Our Father"...

I seek his solstice more for guidance than relief and he's never let me down, if I fail, Its usually because I didnt strongly consider WWJD before I acted. I Really Like my Guns, cherish my rural kingdom, appreciate my little barker alert system but I love my God! All of the other things arent always with me!

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Night vision and ninja throwing stars and a flame thrower

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Originally Posted by McCakie View Post
It's a tie between my glock g24 and my mossberg 930..... Probably end up taking the glock as my first choice due the layout of my house and the overpenetration of buckshot
Then don't load it with buckshot. If you are worried that buckshot over penetrates than you pistol would most likely be worse.
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I'm kinda fond of my Marlin Camp Carbine 45 ACP. Its short, light, powerful and uses the same magazines as my 1911.


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The one that's with me most of the time, 45 ACP compact.


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My Gen2 G17 with night sights has filled that roll for the last 20 years. It is completely reliable and I trust it without question. Since it is a dedicated HD gun for me, it is easier to secure right next to me when sleeping as it is always there. I do keep a Beretta 1201FP shotgun loaded with 00 Buck in the big safe, but it is not quite a close when sleeping.



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I prefer a handgun. Personally I use a Magnum Research Baby Eagle in .45 ACP. 230gr Hydra-Shoks.

I have a relatively small house and if push were to come to shove it would be fairly easy to get the whole family into a bedroom down a long hallway. Fairly defensible and easy to get out the bedroom window if we had to. Somewhat tight quarters though so not thrilled with the idea of trying to use a shotgun or rifle. I also like the idea of having one hand free, partly due to the tight quarters.

If I had a more "open" layout like some houses I've seen, I might go with a shotgun.


"For every problem there is always a solution that is simple, obvious, and wrong." - Mark Twain

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Ruger SR9c is the gun I keep on me or on my nightstand because I shoot it better than any other handgun. Also keep a Winchester SXP defender loaded with 000 Buck inside the closet door.

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