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What is your favorite milsurp bolt-action rifle?

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Originally Posted by Bigcat_hunter View Post
I had no idea they used those in nam. I have a sweet spot for pre 64's.
It's true. If you read Carlos' book, and even a later one by a guy that was later proved to be 50% full of shi'ite ( letter's home something or other ) they both reference at FIRST using the pre-64 WInchester, but later on having to trade them in for the the Model 700 Remy.

Carlos never traded in his Model 70 - He ended up keeping it until the end of his second ( ? ) tour, when he got burned.

The military bought OFF THE RACK "hunting models" from Winchester that had like a 24" bull barrel and the pre-64' action.

Obviously the rsults speak for themselves. Carlos rarely missed, and he ranked up a ton of probables to go with his confirmed, but then again Carlos rarely missed in the first place.

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I am absolutely in love with my M44.
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Geez, that is a hard question, I have an 03-A3, Garand, K-98, Mosin 91/30, Mosin M44, and a few others and I like them all, but if I could keep only one of them, I would go with the M1 Garand (maybe).
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Originally Posted by Going Postal View Post
I would go with the M1 Garand (maybe).
You sir, are a very refined and astute gentleman!

Sadly, it's not a bolt action. I must choose the '03 Springfield, although the K31 appears to be more accurate in my hands.
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Default Frenchie's too nice to drag round the country.

In NorthWest Alaska ther are cabinet guns and useing guns, I have a nice un-scratched cabinet gun a French MAS 49/56, re-chamberd to 7.62 NATO that is my favorite, but as such I dont want to scuff the finish so it doesent get away far from home as much as it could, the Sporter Mosin P-27 is a definate carry gun.
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I've got several Milsurp bolt actions, about 40 or so of all shapes and sizes.
By far my favorite to shoot and most accurate is my 1917 Lee-Enfield SMLE No1MKIII, coming in second would be one of my 1903's, third would be a toss up between my 3 Finnish Mosin-Nagants, fourth would be 1941 Kar98k and fifth would be, believe it or not, my 1917 Eddystone.
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Default milsurp

where is the 1917, I had two and they were 1903 is a tack driver.
and the garand is great.I do think the 1917 is better than all.the 98 mauser is not sloppy it is made with taper and it is tight when closed.I also like the mannlickers,carcanos and dutch.I think the enblock clip is better than the mauser clip and since the ammo came loaded in clips the single shot argument is off.the SMLE is a good practical gun and long range was its forte
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I would love to have a 1903A3, but not the 1903. The CMP has 1903's, but no 1903A3's. I was given an education on the 1903, and now I don't think I would have one of those. The 1903 was not designed to handle the 30.06, it was redesigned and became the 1903A3 in 1906 when the Army came out with a new cartridge design, a 30 caliber in 1906, hence the 30.06. I was told at CMP that 1903's with serial numbers below 85,000 were built as a lower powered, shorter caliber called 30 U.S. Army, and later converted to 30.06.
Anyway a steady diet of factory 30.06 in a 1903 was a receipe for a blow up. I was told not to buy a 1903 unless I was going to handload to below 30.06 specs,,,, or shoot blanks. Before I walked through the door there I thought the only difference was the sights. Live and learn.
I bought an M1 and an M1 Carbine instead of the 1903.
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So far my personal favorite is my 1942 Mosin Nagant M91/30. It's cheap, ugly, built tough, makes a big boom, and is pretty accurate too.
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k-31 swiss...something about that ugly stright pull bolt gun shooting a 7.5x55 (GP11 or good handloads..even better) ammo out to 2000meters with no prob,iron sights!.it will be one of the best 300bucks you'll spend now on a accurate surplus rifle barnone!of course these rifles could be had for 75bucks a few years back...wish i would have bought a few more
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