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Yunus 02-01-2009 12:51 PM

Weatherby Vanguard vs Howa 1500
I am looking at getting an inexpensive accurate rifle for target shooting. I have read on this board and elsewhere that the Vanguard is a Howa and I have heard nothing but good about the Howa. Is there really any difference between these 2 rifles? I am looking at an entry level .204, .223 or .243. I see them online between $380-$450. I originally was only interested in the Howa but its difficult to find locally and the Weatherby can be ordered through Wal-mart.


cpttango30 02-01-2009 01:53 PM

pick one they are the same rifle with a different name. Both are decent starter guns and will last you a life time with proper care and maint.

Dillinger 02-01-2009 04:02 PM

Plus one on Tango's post.

Howa makes the Vanguard Action for Weatherby. There are very subtle differences, but they are basically the same action.

I believe that Weatherby still offers two models with guaranteed accuracy, I don't believe the Howa 1500 does, but it will shoot with the Weatherby all day long.

Either one is a great choice -


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