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Superfly 04-22-2009 04:04 PM

Weatherby Mark V in my future?
Hey, everybody!

Long time lurker, first time poster. Actually posting this from my FOB outside of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Currently about 3 months from coming back home!

In any case, I'm going to be buying a really nice rifle when I get back...sort of a "Mission Accomplished" token to my tour over here. I've decided that I'm not going to be too worried about the cost of this thing, and have decided to buy a rifle worthy of handing down to the kids when they're old enough.

So, with a somewhat liberal budget, I've narrowed it down to the Weatherby Mark V Fibermark in 7mm Wby Magnum. (Planning on mounting a Leupold VX-3 3.5-10 x 50mm)

On this and other discussion forums, I've seen a spate of comments poo-pooing the Mark V in favor of the value-priced Vanguard. Besides the difference in prices why is Mark V not regarded as highly as the Vanguard?

I would appreciate your feedback on the Mark V...what are its positives and what are its negatives? Should I look at another rifle?

For the sake of discussion, I've also been considering the Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (300 WSM) and Sako 85 Finnlight (300 WSM).

Thanks everybody!

Dillinger 04-22-2009 04:20 PM

Welcome Brian - Stay safe over there brother and thank you for your service.

Okay, Weatherby probably gets poo-poo'd because they fell in love with their name, jacked their prices, then let their quality and their customer service slip through the years. They are expensive rifles and they know they are selling a name brand gun.

The Weatherby Vanguard/Howa is a CNC machined action from Japan that Weatherby has made for them and markets at a lower price, but with an accuracy guarantee.

If you were buying an old school Weatherby Mark V - One with history, THAT would be worth the money and would be worth handing down.

Today's models, I don't personally feel, are worth the big cash outlay when you can get the Vanguard action, get all the accuracy you can handle, and save money in the process.

Since you are not too worried about the price tag, you can probably get a really good Mark V and be perfectly happy with it. I think it's more of a hunting gun than a tactical/field gun - but if that is what you are looking for, more power to you. It's still a free country over here at the moment thanks to you and your fellow sand pounders. :D


Cobra 04-22-2009 04:24 PM

I have a .340 Fibermark and I am very pleased with the Mark V action. They don't come any better in my opinion. A 7mm in the Fibermark would be an excellent all round rifle.

Superfly 04-22-2009 04:28 PM

Thanks for the reply, JD.

Yeah, the rifle I'm looking for is definitely going to be a hunting gun. I've had my fill of tactical weapons for a while. ;)

Are there equitable rifles at the Weatherby price point I should be considering? I looked at the Sako Finnlight, but I have to say that I am not a big fan of fluted barrels (for either their aesthetics or their dubious "barrel stiffening" claims).


Dillinger 04-22-2009 04:58 PM

It depends on what you are really looking for Superfly - I mean you can get an Holland & Holland Cape Gun and spend $25 or $30 GRAND that would be well built, well engraved and be a family heirloom.

Sako makes some good magnum actions, but their overall finish isn't what goes into a Weatherby. Sako does make a hell of a tactical rifle action though.

It really depends on what appeals to you. At the end of the day, if your question is:

Would a Weatherby Mark V, the rifle that I really like, hold it's value and treat me right as a hunter? I would say definitely yes.

If your question was:

What's a good rifle action to build a hunting rifle on that will last me a lifetime, that I can hand down to my kids, but make it a personal journey in the process? My answer would be totally different....


Superfly 04-22-2009 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Dillinger (Post 97922)
It depends on what you are really looking for Superfly - I mean you can get an Holland & Holland Cape Gun and spend $25 or $30 GRAND that would be well built, well engraved and be a family heirloom.

I only wish Uncle Sam paid me enough for an H&H. ;)

On your other points, thank you for your opinions. I think I'm sold on the Weatherby, just needed to hear from somebody else that I'm going to be getting a pretty capable hunting gun.


Superfly 04-22-2009 06:00 PM

Follow-up question:

What are your thoughts on the 7mm Wby Mag? I handload so the steeper price for Wby-proprietary ammo is not the biggest concern.

I am going to be hunting all ruminants and possibly the occasional black bear in the lower 48. I especially want a good 300 yard mulie rifle, and thought the 7mm Wby Mag would fit the bit quite nicely without being overgunned for most other thin-skinned game.


Dillinger 04-22-2009 07:39 PM


What are your thoughts on the 7mm Wby Mag? I handload so the steeper price for Wby-proprietary ammo is not the biggest concern.
Well, you asked, so I am going to spit it like it is in my realm. :o

The 7mm Weatherby picks up a bit in every category over the 7mm Remington. It leaves the bore a bit quicker, it's a bit quicker out at 200 and 300 yards, it hits a bit harder and has a bit more energy transfer.

Having said that:

The Remington 7mm Magnum is the most widely used belted cartrdige, probably, in the realm of hunting. You can find it EVERYWHERE as opposed to HAVING to load or special order for the Weatherby.

Now, I don't know about value of a 20 year old Weatherby in a Weatherby cartridge versus a Weatherby chambered for someone else's cartridge. :rolleyes:

I would assume there are purists who will tell you that a Weatherby rifle chambered for anything BUT a Weatherby cartridge ISN'T a true Weatherby. That I can't speak on.

But, at the end of the day, it's your money that you worked very hard for and should spend it accordingly.

If YOU want a Weatherby Mark V in a Weatherby 7mm cartridge, the gun will probably take good care of you and bring down lots of 4 ( and 2 ) legged critters the world over if need be. Just make sure you take ammo with you wherever you go. :D


Catfish 04-22-2009 11:20 PM

First of all thank you for your service.
I`m personaly not a real fan of Weatherby, even though the prettiest gun I ever owned was a Weatherby in .300 Weatherby mag. I kicked twice as hard as any other gun I have ever owned and that Includes a .338 Win. mag. and a .411 Hawk. That said, they are a well make gun and if you bed the action and float the barrel they will usually shoot well enough to be a very good field gun, but I have yet to see one that is a real tack driver. Your choice of scope is excellant. Most people want to much magnifaction, not thinking that it makes close targets very hard to get in the scope. I have just over 30 Leupold scopes and the 3 x 9 is what I have the most of, but most of the are pre VX lll. I just picked up a Weatherby Vangard in 7 mag. for my son-inlaw. That was more because it was what I could find at a reasonable price at the time than because it was a Weatherby, but it has excellant field accuracy without any work. I think you`ll be happy with it.

M14sRock 04-23-2009 04:20 AM

The Mark V is an excellent action. Very short bolt throw, and very strong. It is also extremely accurate right from the box in every version I have ever tried.

I use .300Wby and have limited experience with 7mm so don't have much input for you there.

The stainless Mark V .300 Wby in the factory stock has half the felt recoil of either my Win Mod 70 SS Classic in .300WM, or my Flaigs Ace Husqavarna Mauser in .300WM and shoots well under an inch at 100 yards.

Aside from being a pushfeed action, I think the Mark V is top quality gear. I prefer controlled feeding in a hunting rifle (Mauser style).

Thanks for your service, and Godspeed on your safe return.

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