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Ronbo 12-15-2010 10:13 PM

WalMart answers yes to my request.
Hi folks. I just wanted to pass on an interesting finding. Three days ago I e-mailed the walmart customer servie center at corporate headquarters. I asked (very nicely) if they would consider stocking Tula ammunition in .308. I mentioned that they already stock it in .223 and some pistol calibers and that online forums indicate some walmarts already stock it. Today i received a call from my local Walmart to let me know they will begin carrying it. The sporting goods associate i spoke to this morning didn't know anything about it, but it's also possible he passed on our conversation this morning, since they called after i talked to him. I am glad to have a local supply of cheap plinking ammo now.

I suspect they will carry it at a price that makes it nearly as cheap as reloading so I can save my brass for dedicated hunting loads and experimentation.

The real point of the thread is information. This is my experience and i am sharing it with you. Ask and you may get a similar result. WalMart prides itself on tailoring store inventories to locality. There is a store only 30 minutes from here that carries a whole line of .308 ammo from federal to winchester..but not tula..yet. My local store had very little for the .308 and Steve told me today he will probably have the same stock of winchester and remington (not federal..don't carry next year that is sitting on the shelf since deer season started this year.

He told me guys around here aren't buying the other tula ammo in some cases because it is manufactured in Russia. I am over that, having served during the cold war and in desert storm. I have an experience based opinion on which one is the greater evil. He said those same guys won't buy swiss pistol ammo. I guess if you want a new item at WalMart, corporate is the place to ask the question, since the associates and managers simply respond to corporate and can't really add items on their own. Likewise, none of these people will know you want it unless you speak up. Clearly The Associate has feedback from customers, but as usual, most of it is "i don't ...blah, blah, blah...negative feedback, while they go sight in annually and pay 20 bucks a box and shoot most of it at a deer that gets away.

Ammunition is a drop in the bucket for a place like Walmart and they don't even worry about it because it gets you in the store. They have a force-fed inventory like most retailers, so it is to their benefit to get you in there anyway they can. I realize there is the local gun dealer/pawn shop (always the same place here in this town.) Unfortunately, the price of every single new item from rifles to scope rings adds up to a huge chunk of change and no significant service to justify it, at least here in this town. I used the "community citizen" angle and told them hunters who practice more become safer hunters because they are better shooters. I said WalMart can help us do that by providing good practice ammo at a fair price.

So, if your ammo is missing on the WalMart shelf, this may be useful information to you.

whtsmoke 12-15-2010 10:47 PM

Pretty soon you wont see anything but that stuff at wally world and then someone will come along and gripe because the products arent amereican made, i think we are doing this to ourselves.:(

Ronbo 12-15-2010 11:36 PM

I doubt there will be any competition during deer season. I'm buying winchester power points. You may buy remington core-lokt, joe blow may buy federals if our walmart ever decides to carry it in larger calibers.

I agree we do it to ourselves, but the pocket book is wearing a little thin and when i get off my 12 hour swing shift, here in america, i want to shoot. I see no possibility of Russian FMJ plinking ammo running american made ammo. In Missouri, we can't even hunt deer LEGALLY with FMJ ammo. It is specifically stated "bullets designed to expand" or some such equivalent verbiage.

The old standbys are safe and nobody in there right mind shoots Factory deer hunting rounds in Bulk for plinking and everyday informal targets.

Anyway, if you want something that isn't there, try emailing corporate...should work for american made goods too.

jpattersonnh 12-15-2010 11:46 PM

I'm not touching this. Maybe I should. Crap ammo from a Country that really would rather see you dead. Good choice!!
Do you know what happened to PMC? Read up!!!!

DrumJunkie 12-15-2010 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by whtsmoke (Post 403704)
Pretty soon you wont see anything but that stuff at wally world and then someone will come along and gripe because the products arent amereican made, i think we are doing this to ourselves.:(

There's no way to keep everyone happy. The goal in trail anyway is to get the least amount of angry people.

I'm all for buying American and will if I can find a product that has not priced itself out of competition. I will agree, we have done it to ourselves. Everyone wants to make what they consider a justified wage and companies are in business to make money. WE only have to look at the American auto industry to see how that comes back to bite us.

Ronbo 12-16-2010 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by jpattersonnh (Post 403741)
I'm not touching this. Maybe I should. Crap ammo from a Country that really would rather see you dead. Good choice!!
Do you know what happened to PMC? Read up!!!!

I expected you to reply and i don't generally do this, but here:

P.S. This is not a thread asking for information or opinions. :) I'm not interested in any opinions on the ammo as i have already confirmed its quality/accuracy to my satisfaction for my intended usage. If you have done your homework and think it's for you, give it a shot.

If you have a negative opinion of this ammo, start your own thread. :cool:
If you are a benchrest competitor, you know better than to buy this for competition.

Every negative i've read about Tula (or wolf, for that matter) concerns AR type weapons anyway, so there are WAY too many possible operator induced variables to even apply to my simple bolt-action lifestyle.

If you don't like tula ammo, don't buy it. Pretty simple.

It shoots great in my guns, simple bolt action hunting rifles. It is not junk just because it is steel cased. The metal used in the casing has nothing to do with quality, just production cost, which trickles down to you, the buyer as a good price. Tula ammo, like the other russian ammos, will get you outside shooting more and get you familiar with your gun in many ways. It is safe, inexpensive ammunition. When you want to tighten things up and check your progress, get the ammo you prefer for that and be prepared to pay at least double , triple or more.

If you are going to shoot pumpkins on youtube or milk jugs or just plink a lot, use this and shoot more. Pick the tool for the job.

I hate long disclaimers, but I've already experienced the targeted rebuttal of some experience-based information, even on this forum. See signature and better yet, keep it to yourself.

I wrote this specifically for you JP and saved it so i could cut and paste now.
Incidentally, i am in total disagreement with you on bipod shooting and "holding the barrel down" Stay out of my threads unless you have something pertinent to the post please.

Now, if anyone needs a product walmart doesn't stock, try emailing them...the purpose of the post.

spittinfire 12-16-2010 01:03 AM

If you like the ammo then fine but I won't put that stuff anywhere near my weapons. Maybe I'm stuck in the red scare but I try not to buy products from countries that hate us.
While they are now carrying your poor russian ammo they are no longer carrying 240 gr 44 magnum(WWB if it makes a difference) which I've been using for practice and to build up my brass supply.

Ronbo 12-16-2010 01:12 AM


Now, can we stop stereotyping Russians and other ethic groups and not type every little word that pops into our heads?

I specifically stated the opinions of the ammo are not being solicited here. I was VERY specific about my usage, the complaints I've read about and the appropriate uses of the ammo I asked for if anybody wants to try it. I'm not selling ammo, just letting folks know how to get what you need if it isn't there.

Good grief. This is REAL world useful information, not made-up crap about inflated abilities or references without links to "read up" on.

I am now going back into my normal mode of ignoring posts that don't apply to the purpose of the thread. You guys make it tough. Believe me, i don't care as much as you may think, except for feeling sorry for those who take forum talk as gospel

"I won't stay out of your threads as the dribble you are spewing is wrong in every way."

Sorry JP..all real world experience...ALL true. Still waiting for the pic of the 200 yard, offhand, iron sight, moving 1 inch target shot in 16 degrees with 15 mph wind with a 75 year-old rifle.

JTJ 12-16-2010 01:22 AM

I recently read a blurb somewhere about Hornady working on steel cases for their target ammo to reduce the cost by 40%. Question is, will they make it or buy it with their name on it?

spittinfire 12-16-2010 01:28 AM

Hey, I'm glad you contacted your local store and they are bringing a product into that location. I disagree with your reasoning because I think you can get a much better product for a slightly higher price and you'll have some brass you can use numerous times or sell.

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