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CaseyChadwell 10-31-2009 11:49 PM

Universal M1 Carbine
Does anyone have any information on the Universal M1 carbine. I may be have an opportunity to purchase one in the very near future. I was wondering what one would go for in good condition with 100 rounds of ball ammo.

Also I was wanting to know if anyone makes home defense ammo for them...hollow point, soft point, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hawg 11-01-2009 01:03 AM

I have a Universal that was made in 69 and it's been a good one but sadly that's not the case with most Universals. Most GI parts wont work on Universals. If it's cheap enough go for it but I'd say if it's over 300 leave it be and a lot of folks wouldn't give that much for one.

c3shooter 11-01-2009 01:06 AM

Casey, no an expert, but the best term I have heard is "indifferent and varying quality". When Universal first started making them, they were using GI parts. As the source of those parts began drying up, they started making their own, and changing the design, with the result that many parts do not interchange with the GI carbine, and when (notice I did not say if, but when) a part breaks, you will not be able to get a replacement part. There IS HP and JSP ammo- question is whether it will feed in YOUR carbine- they were made for round nosed ball. Unless price is so low you could consider it disposable, would pass. DO check the ODCMP website for carbines. Price may be higher, but it IS a GI carbine in working order- guaranteed.

CaseyChadwell 11-01-2009 01:43 AM

With the way the economy is, I don't think of anything as being disposable. I think I will pass and wait for the wife's uncle to come off of his. It is made by Inland (does that sound right?). I have shot it a time or two and I was pleased.

Thanks for all the info guys. It's appreciated.

c3shooter 11-01-2009 07:06 AM

Inland was one of several makers of M-1 Carbines for the US. Its a real one.

Flint Rock 11-01-2009 10:54 AM

The prices on the M1 Carbines at the CMP are not too bad. I was in the store about two months ago and Carbines and Garands (Rack Grade) were starting at $395. I picked up a Field Grade Carbine for $495. My luck was good that day. The gun I found was in great shape wood and wear wise, and was a gun that had been transfered to the Austrians after the war and had not been bounced around the world for the last 60 years. If you get a chance the Bavarian M1 Carbines are full of history (

Flint Rock 11-01-2009 11:22 AM

Here's my Carbine and Garand. Both came from the CMP and are flawless shooters.
The day I went to the CMP I went to "look". Well,,,,,,,,, you can see what looking did to me. we won't even talk about ammo.

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