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vmonty 11-10-2009 04:02 AM

turkish mauser is it safe???
got a turk but the bolt numbers dont match the rest of the rifle... is this common ?? it safe to shoot??

M14sRock 11-10-2009 04:47 AM

It is common that the parts won't match on old milsurps.

I have several Turks and they are excellent Large Ring 98's. I used one of them that was really abused (though it had a great bore) and turned it into a great little brush gun.
That said, you should have yours checked over by a competent gunsmith who can check the headspace and make sure everything is GTG. Any rifle that may have been modified or abused should be checked by a good gunsmith before firing.

cpttango30 11-10-2009 11:42 AM

When in doubt have the head space checked by a gunsmith.

c3shooter 11-10-2009 12:52 PM


is it safe to shoot??
can't tell- you will have to hold it closer to the computer. :rolleyes:

It may be safe- sometimes bolts got swapped when armorer was making repairs. However, thing to do is take it to a smith that has a set of 8mm go-no go headspace guages, and have him check the headspace.

Really no way to tell long distance- sorry. The Turk's were pretty strong actions, not bad for the price, but some lead a hard life with corrosive primed ammo. Get a smith to check it out.

agoetz2005 11-10-2009 03:32 PM

Agreed with the above. Having it checked is cheaper than going to the ER.

In regards to the action strength overall, they are great actions.

We build most of our customs on VZ24 milsurps, or Turk Milsurps.

vmonty 11-13-2009 02:26 AM

thank you much appreciated

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