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ArmyOfFurbies 10-18-2007 04:41 PM

Thompson Center Encore 209x45 Rifle
Has anyone ever tried this rifle from walmart: Thompson Center Encore 209x45 Rifle
What caliber is it?

Catfish 10-19-2007 12:57 AM

I`ve never shot a 209-45, but have had a 209-50 for several years. I killed a deer with mine last year at 289 yrds, lazered. I would not have shot but the deer had already been hit and I was just trying to put it down. They are a nice rifle, high priced, but nice. I`ve killed 3 deer with mine in the last 2 years. Had the .45 cal. been on the market when I bought mine I would have gotten a .45 cal. If you get one, get a Barns alignment tool. It goes on the end of your ram rod and looks like a cleaning jag with a cone cut into the end of it. It keeps the axis of the bullet true in the bore and they claim it will cut your groups by 1/2, it did far better than that in my rifle.

1984cj 10-19-2007 02:43 PM

It is a black powder muzzle loader in .45 caliber that uses a 209(shotgun) primer instead of a percussion cap.
Since it is an Encore you should be able to switch barrels out to centerfire and rimfire versions. This firearm will, most likely, require a 4473 and a FFL.

progun1 10-22-2007 03:52 PM

Catfish, I have a Encore 50 cal. and I love it. My question is I have heard that when you swap barrels it can throw off your zero. I have a 30/06 barrel and when I switch back to my muzzleloader this weekend it was off 2" to the left at 100 yds. Have you experienced this also?I don't understand how this would apply since the scope is mounted to the barrel and every thing should go back together the same.Thanks for any help Progun1.

Catfish 10-22-2007 11:41 PM

I only have 2 Encore barrels and have 2 frames so I never change barrels. I do however take the barrel oof to clean it and have never noticed it shifting point of impact. I also have never noticed it on any of my Contender barrels. The only thing I can think of right now that might cause your probleb is that your forarm is toughing the barrel and your are putting a different amount of presure on the barrel or putting the presure at a different point on the barrel.

progun1 10-23-2007 04:32 PM

Thanks Catfish, I was thinking the same thing with the pressure on the forearm.Maybe I bumped it and did not recall,I only shoot thur Leupold Glass and it takes a pretty good hit to knock them off. Any way your help was greatly appreciated.

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