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Think I want a Ruger Mini 14 for plinking.....

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Originally Posted by Werminator View Post
FWIW I too have been looking at the Mini but not solely for plinking... I am thinking more of a zombie killer... They are solid reliable platforms and with enough trigger time they are adequately accurate... The newer ones have the heavier profile to the barrels which should add rigidity and consistency (which by definition is accuracy)... I keep looking for a good deal on one but truth be told I think the only way I could get a mini for the price range I want is second hand and probably LEO trade in...
That's what we mean when we say plinking, we mean zombie killers and jackrabbits. The jacks are practice for the zombies. I like the Ruger Mini's as the best balance between accuracy and reliability, between the AR's and the AK's. It would be my first choice of the 3.
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Originally Posted by HockaLouis View Post
What mall-ninja tripe.

As for the OP, if "plinking" means handicapping yourself to hit cans, the Mini-14 is the gun for you.
so, its time to insult because you disagree? well, i completely disagree with your statement myself. i think the posters statement was dead on.

IF you own a 580+ series mini (which i doubt), and you can't hit cans with it, then its time to practice some more. i don't have too much trouble and i'm not exactly a sniper.

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Originally Posted by LikeABoss View Post

i own a 580 stainless mini. one thing you might notice about those with negative attitudes about the mini, is that they don't own one or owned an older model years ago. many base their opinions on what they hear vs experience as well.

PROS: the garand style action is better and more user friendly imo (and the action stays clean). quality steel vs aluminum. can be set up as a classic rifle, scout, tactical, etc. mine has been very reliable (but i baby all my guns). plenty accurate for plinking needs imo, but might require a little TLC to get it there. i prefer a traditional rifle stock myself. available in stainless steel. easy to break down and clean.

CONS: some parts restricted by ruger could be a PITA. mag changes are slower than AR. optics set up/after market a bit limited. takes some tinkering to get the best out of the accuracy (not a con IF you like to tinker with things). factory mags are the only good ones.

i own a mini and an AR. so far, i prefer my mini. but i haven't owned my AR very long. also, they shoot VERY close to each other with open sights at 50 yards. haven't tested 100 yet.
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Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
ARs are a bit more accurate.

But Mini's are a bit more resillient in terms of being like an AK in that they will shoot even after you drop them in the mud.

AK's are the most resillient, but not as accurate as the Mini's.

So it depends on how much you want accuracy versus how much you want resilliency, or if somewhere in between.

The Ruger Mini's are in between.
good post. although my experience with an AK is very limited, i would say this
post reflects my general experiences as well.
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I borrowed a Mini 14 from my uncle had it for about a 2 months, I liked it, it was accurate enough for me. With iron sights I was shooting mostly between 50-100 yards and I didn't have any major issues out of it. It's a great rifle for shooting cans, bottles, really it's just a nice little rifle for plinking, honestly I don't really like the 5.56 rounds that much I think if I go to get a rifle like the mini 14 I'm going to get an M1 carbine.
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Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
I am quite sure that with the AR and AK rave, there will be plenty of other guys on my side of the zombie wars with the 10 to 300 yd sturngewehr rifles.

So being able to reach out to 600 yds or more with my bolt action, I can get an earlier start on plinking zombies with them.

My dual backups are a 45ACP and a 12 gauge pump btw, for the peanut gallery.
So, AR's are up-to 300 yard guns?

Well, you guys are probably right, the Mini-14 is best and you will be in good company of over 40 years.

Australia: Previously used in the 1980s/1990s by the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services.

France: Used since the 1980s by the Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS) of the French national police, the Administration Pénitentiaire (department of corrections) and formerly the GIGN as the Mousqueton AMD.


United Kingdom: The Surrey Constabulary Firearms Support Team (now known as the Tactical Firearms Unit) was armed with Mini-14s in the 1980s modified with Choate stocks. The AC-556 was used by the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Bermuda: Used by the Bermuda Regiment.

United States: Mini-14s were prominently used by the New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit with the rifles eventually being replaced by the M4 carbine. The NYPD's Organized Crime Control Bureau is armed with the Mini-14s. The Mini-14 is the main rifle used by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

That's it.

AR Types? They have only been MANUFACTURED in more nations than ever adopted the Mini-14 types.


Argentina: Special Forces used M16A1 in the Falklands and they currently use the M16A2.

Australia M16A1 used and replaced 1989 by the F88 Au Steyr


Bangladesh: Used by the military, special forces and counter terrorism units.






Cambodia M16A1 is used.


Canada: C7 and C8 variants made by Colt Canada is used by the Canadian Forces.


Costa Rica

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Denmark: C7 and C8 variants made by Colt Canada are used by all branches of the Danish Defence.

Dominican Republic

East Timor


Egypt M16A2 is used by Egyptian Navy SEALS.

El Salvador M16A1/A2 is used.






Greece M16A2/M4 is used by the Special forces of the Hellenic Army ISAF Forces in Afghanistan and Hellenic Navy


Guatemala M16A1 is used.





Iraq: Used by Iraqi army.




Republic of Korea: During Vietnam War, United States provided 27,000 M16 rifles to Republic of Korea Armed Forces in Vietnam. Also, 600,000 M16A1s (Colt Model 603K) were manufactured under license by Daewoo Precision Industries. The delivery started in 1974 and ended in 1985.




Lithuania: Lithuanian Armed Forces.





New Zealand M16 was used and was replaced in 1988 by Steyr AUG


Netherlands: C7 and C8 variants are used by the Royal Netherlands Army.




Pakistan: Special Service Group (SSG) of the Pakistan Army.

Panama M16A1 is used.


Philippines: Manufactured under license by Elisco Tool and Manufacturing.



Singapore: Local variant of the M16A1 (M16S1) manufactured under license by ST Kinetics.


South Africa

Sri Lanka

South Vietnam: 6,000 M16 and 938,000 M16A1, 1966-1975



Turkey M16A1/A2/A4 variants is used.


United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom: Special Air Service.

United States


It isn't about disagreeing -- but what you want something to be doesn't make it so, and when you prove vast ignorance of a subject and insist on demonstrating it don't be shocked and awed when you get called out on it.

Now, let's talk Mosin-Nagant, the REAL best all purpose gun ever made (until the next $79 milsurp import). LOL
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I just wanted it for plinking, to find out it will be a good zombie defense is an added bonus! I'm sold.
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I have a Mini 30 and a DPMS A4. The gun snobs will look down on both. I know it is not the best one out there but the DPMS has a couple thousand rounds with no failures including some Wolf. The Mini 30 has a problem with hard or inset primers (Tulammo) but it shoots decently after some tuning. It is an older model (189) and I am getting 2-3 MOA off a rest or bipod with Wolf using a 2.5X pistol scope on an Amega forward rail mount. I dont have to remove the scope to clean it. It does better with Silver Bear. The newer 580 series Mini's are a lot better than the older ones. I would not turn one down.
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I must admit that I was infatuated with the design for a while. My conclusion (though I never actually shot one) is that this style of action has no business in any other cambering than a 30 cal. So I would get the Mini 30.


I'm not a fan of 5.56mm NATO

And actually the 30 would be a better plinker if you wanted to use it on steel. It wouldn't pit the steel as badly.
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I love the mini14 and 30 but the AR's are just so readily available now, I'd say get both.
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