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SmithKid308 10-04-2011 01:52 AM

I did some tests which I began in another thread on my Kel-tech sub 2000 and they tested reliability , accuracy, reload time, movability and weight.
Lets start off with reliability it did take alot before it did Jam which took mud in action and did function flawlessly with a wet mag and water in barrel
Next was accuracy at 75 yards with irons was a 1.5 inch group prone 2.4 crouched and 3 standing and those are pretty good in my opinion for this platform
Reload time was an issue with the 10 round mags but 15+ were not an issue but 15 round mags did not get in the way of prone and other positions
Movability was very well in close quarters and in the woods and shooting an changing positions quickly
Weight is not an issue weighing only 4.3 pounds fully loaded with 15 round mags and and two extra with a strap mount thing. That holds extra
Thanks smith
P.S if there are any of my weapons that you would like a test or review on like this one PM me

Gator45 10-04-2011 02:42 AM

Nice, It's a good review
you should include some pics
let us see the weapon
and the conditions, just a
thought for future tests.

What other weapons you have
to test like that?

SmithKid308 10-04-2011 02:47 AM

I would post pics but there were no dings or anything and I didn't think to take any at the time and I have already completely cleaned the weapons and I have a mossberg 500 , mini 14 , winchester 30/30 ranger Ar-15 and a cx4 storm 9mm carbine (not willing to put threw he** payed 875$)

SmithKid308 10-04-2011 02:51 AM

PS I suggest this to anyone looking for a SHTF gun if you want a full review of this gun message me

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