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GREGULON 04-14-2012 02:00 AM

So what is a good hunting rifle
Starting the search for the long range kill. Trying to stay around $400.

unclebear 04-14-2012 02:26 AM

depends on what you think is long range and what your trying to kill, savage makes a 17hmr with a two stage trigger and a bull barrel for around $350, H&R make a 223 single shot bull barrel I found one at my local gun shop for $230, or if you want to get a 30.06 or even a 308 in a hunting rifle configuration.

Just to give you some ideas, I bought the same 17hmr and I've kill crows out to 150 to 200 yards with it, for my long range shooting and deer season I use either a remington 7mm rem mag or my 91/30 mosin nagant. The longest I've shot with the 7mm mag is 800 yards and it still has it's factory barrel, the longest I've shot with my mosin is around 300 yards.

gr8wapiti 04-14-2012 02:30 AM

It all depends on the game your after. Big game I'd go with a BLR in .308, long, flat trajectory, not bad recoil. Really big game (bear, moose, etc) .300 win mag. Hell of a kick but it's not as bad as a 7 mag and it'll put them down. For Medium game there is nothing like a good old 30/30. Good luck in your hunt.

trip286 04-14-2012 02:42 AM

The best hunting rifle is the one you shoot best and make clean humane kills with.

A .308 in just about any current production rifle will cover almost any need in north America, and some can be found brand new as a scoped rifle package for 350ish.

A .30-06 can kill anything on this continent, and has been used in African big game hunting too, and can be found for reasonable prices.

Milsurp rifles chambered in .30-06 can be found pretty cheap. The Mosin Nagant is REAL cheap, and is comparable to the .30-06.

Anything else falls into personal preference or penis measuring games.

bigdaddy573 04-14-2012 02:45 AM

Marlin x7 or a savage 110 or 111 if u are wanting a long range varmint rifle then a 22-250 will get the job done out to about 500-600 big game would be 243 ,308,270 ,30-06 ,300win mag or 7mm mag


michael345 04-14-2012 02:51 AM

You got options it depends what species of game your after. Weatherby vanguard, rem700 adl, the new ruger american, savage axis, marlin x7, stevens 200, the list goes on. For long range I'm not the guy to ask. For a good hunting rifle I'd buy an always reliable Remington or possibly the weatherby for a smoother action. Calibers varmint 22-250 223 deer sized game 270 30-06 308 larger game (elk moose grizzly) 300wsm 338wby.

nastyogre 04-14-2012 02:59 AM

I haven't shot it long range but my 300 Remington UM is supposed to be a tack driver at the long range game. Mines a R700 sendaro SF but I'm sure they make it in other rifles. Get a good recoil pad though. :-)

cottontop 04-14-2012 03:01 AM

Why that old ugly rattly outdated rainbow trajectory inaccurate leg braking shoulder slamming Model 94 .30-30 of course.

JTJ 04-14-2012 03:16 AM

What are you hunting? What do you consider long range? Everybody has a favorite caliber or rifle so unless we know what you want to do, we are just guessing.
Trip: The 30-30 has been used in Africa so it is no claim to fame.

94browninghunt 04-14-2012 07:02 AM

50BMG! no... but i think a 338 win mag will suit you well. cross canyon caliber and wouldnt have to think twice about making that kill shot on an elk or moose far away... 338 wm has the power you need for all of north america. everything from lil deer to big bear. It's my all round rifle. 30-06 and 308 will be my next choices. i dont like the 300wm much bc it's a barrel burner if you shoot a lot, my dad had to change rifle barrels after shootin 1400+/- out of it. dont get me wrong, but a 300wm is great for hunting.

I'd pick between 338wm, 30-06 and a 308. all those calibers are sold at a ton of stores as well so would be a problem to find...even in alaska.

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