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SlamFire 03-20-2009 10:21 PM

Sniper/Target Build
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Not quite a "varmint rifle" because of the caliber, basically similar to the military M-40.

I found a NEW Rem. 700P ("Police" Remington Law Enforcement - Rifles - Model 700P Standard)

"The standard Model 700P features an H-S Precision® composite stock reinforced with Du Pont Kevlar and fiberglass. They'll stay dimensionally stable in any weather and under the worst tactical situations. The stock is laid up around an aircraft-grade aluminum bedding block that runs up the entire length of the receiver. It has a textured, black, non-reflective finish and comes with sling swivel studs."

700P .308 Win. 9lbs 26" bbl. 12" twist 4 rd. mag. cap.

Ordered a Leupold® Mark 2™ Long Range/Tactical Riflescope from Cabela's$main-Medium$

1/4 MOA "clicks" 6-18X power Matte Mil-dot 40mm objective 4.7"-3.7" eye relief 13.5" length 14.5oz. 14.5'-6.6' Field of view @ 100 yds.

4" Leupold Lens Shade

Leupold Matte Ring Base

Leupold Matte Low Rings

Leupold Neoprene scope cover

I have a two rifle large alum. carry case, and slings coming out my ears.

I have a Caldwell Rock bench rest. I'm going to pass on the Harris bipod.

Orded a .308 cal. mandrel for my Sinclair Neck Turning Tool.

We have the primer pocket reamer, primer hole reamer, case trimmer, deburring tools, digital scales . . .

Last time I was doing this on a Rem. 700 PSS in .223 Ackley, I was getting 0.22 MOA at 100 yds off the bench, when the weather was right.

Here's a FIVE SHOT group on a 1" dia. circle from those days. I need to get back at it.

dunerunner 03-20-2009 11:39 PM

Very, Very nice!! I want one!

SlamFire 03-21-2009 02:23 AM

I have about $1,800.00 into it so far, not counting the stuff I already owned. I try to think of it as part of the Economic Stimulus Program.

cpttango30 03-21-2009 04:02 AM

Looks like it is going to be a shooter.

SlamFire 03-22-2009 09:14 AM

OK, update here . . .

Went to the shop to get the rifle. Belinda (she's a gun nut, seriously knows her stuff) has this rig all set up "custom" . . . Rem. 700P in 308 Win, but instead of the Leupold Mark 2 at about $650, she's mounted a Leupold Mark 4 Long Range/Tactical, at more like $1,200, and Mark 4 Rings/Base, scope hood.$main-Large$

One of the most advanced optical systems in the industry. All tactical scopes boast features that make these scopes some of the best available. Multi-Coat 4® or Index Matched lens coatings result in exceptional clarity and definition for optimal viewing. Target-style 1/4-MOA click adjustment windage and elevation dials on all but the LRPR models make these scopes easily adaptable to any shooting application - particularly long-range conditions. The LRPR scope models have Leupold's PR (Precision Rifle) finger-adjustable turret knobs. The PR knobs offer the advantages of the adjustable windage and elevation, but at a lesser cost. An all-matte finish including the objective ring provide a subdued look that is less visible to game while delivering an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will accent any firearm. Each scope is nitrogen filled and sealed with Leupold's proven process to keep out moisture making them completely waterproof. Most importantly, these scopes truly deliver all the ruggedness and dependability that you expect from Leupold. An incredible balance of price and performance. Backed by Leupold's full lifetime warranty.

6.5 - 20x 50 mm objective Mil Dot . . .

So instead of about $1,700 on the rig I was going to set up, this one ran me $2,670.00

-- And the &%&#$% . . . state delayed my NICS!

There's no reason, except a gun show in town and it took 15 min to get past the phone busy signal and into the queue to stand in line to wait another 20 min. to run the NICS.

And locally, probably thanks to Obama et Cie . . . No large rifle primers, no 308 cal. bullets, brass is hard to find, I got the last set of dies in the area . . .

Let me put in this political commentary --

The Founding Fathers provided RKBA so that Americans can arm up against a tyrannical govt. And the first act of tyranny would be to take the guns away -- or die trying.

Semper Fi!

"Come and try to take them away . . . "

cpttango30 03-22-2009 12:59 PM

That is a big leap in glass. How do you like it?

SlamFire 03-22-2009 05:25 PM

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The glass looks good. I have three other Leupold scopes, and Leupold is hot about customer service. (Had a comment about the data on their website and I had their catalog two days later in the mail. Asked about replacement "knob covers" and they sent me six: two gloss, two matte, two silver.)

NICS -- Oregon State Police here -- has my check "delayed" and the date for release is set at April 24. There's no reason for it. I bought a rifle for my nephew in November and they have a record that it was approved.

Oregon State Police, Firearms Records Div. "These records are exempt from public access." OK, on the one hand I appreciate that my purchases are not "public record." On the other hand, if there's an error in the records I want to know what it is and have the error corrected. I've had "error" in their records before.

I plan to contact Oregon State Police tomorrow (3-23-09) about the records and the delays I've been getting lately. NRA might be interested in "recourse to delay in NICS" and "review/correction of NICS data files." When it works it's fine. When it SNAFU's . . . it's a clusterduck. :eek:

While we're waiting, I loaded 100 pcs once fired Federal Match brass w/ Hodgdon 4895, Federal 210 "large rifle" primers, and 150 gr. Hornandy boat-tails.

Here's a photo of my previous Rem. 700P, from about 8 yrs ago. Out in Central Oregon. I have a keen desire to get back out there. Better bench now, Caldwell Rock rest, and I found an adj. stool that serves better than the bucket.

The fenceline here runs along a gravel, river access road, out in the middle of nowhere. Run down the road and pick a spot for range, backstop is a rise/hill and ODOT gravel dump. I can get 1,000 metres easy here.

Dying to get back out there . . . but it still freezes overnight.

mrm14 03-22-2009 06:31 PM

I'm a die hard fan of Leupold glass as well. I'm using the MK4 8.5-25 X 50mm ER/T M1 for my 1000 yard target rifle build. I find with my ageing eyes that Leupold scopes have much better light gathering abilities than other comperable brand scopes. Their warranty and customer service is excellent and goes a long way in justifying the price of these level of scopes.

stalkingbear 03-22-2009 08:46 PM

APRIL 24th???????:eek: You don't mean March 24th? They are NOT allowed federally to delay them THAT much (a month).

sgtdeath66 03-22-2009 09:20 PM

that would suck. i would be pretty irate if i had to wait

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