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Shooting ability or equipment?

View Poll Results: Shooter ability vs equipment cost
More shooter ability 45 78.95%
50 50 shooter ability matters the same as equipment cost 10 17.54%
What are you stupid equipment is much more important than ability. 2 3.51%
Voters: 57. You may not vote on this poll

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By the same reasoning- having NEVER played 18 holes of golf in my life, I shall now go purchase a $5000 set of clubs, and enter the Masters this year. Any sponsors out there? (insert sound of crickets here)
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There is a bit of a misnomer in the question in that most weapons that are produced today in quality, CNC driven, good Q/C production facilities will shoot better than a lot of the people who end up buying them.

You have to be able to shoot, but that doesn't mean you can't learn to master the basics and then see advantages from improving the platform.

A common thing we see in the shop is what I call "If I can see it, I can hit it" approach.

A lot of shooters, even young ones, get better results when they can see, from their rifle, the target they are shooting at and their results. So they opt for higher power optics.

In this case with the ability to "aim small / miss small" and fine tune right from where you are lying or sitting, you will see even a novice shooter with a basic understanding of how to make subtle changes have improvements in their groups.

Basically I agree with the poll, that you need to be able to shoot to begin with, but that doesn't mean there aren't other items that could improve a good shooter's results.

Good poll though Tango and some great info here.

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Default Shooting ability or equipment?

This is a most interesting question.

From a machine rest there is probably not much difference between my Russian .22 pistol and my Hammerli International .22 pistol. From my hand I shoot much better scores with the more expensive Hammerli.

Would my offhand shooting improve much if I went from my Mod.70 Winchesters to a high dollar target rifle? Probable not. I tend to agree that it is the man behind the gun to a far greater extent than the price of the equipment.

In reality I will likely never know,I can not afford a first string target rifle.

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This IS a good poll.

Sure, equipment upgrades will help. My example is one I saw just today. I had a cheap BSA scope on my little 10/22 target rifle and actually shot pretty well in my first competition last weekend. But that crappy BSA 36x scope did me a whole lot better than the 2-7 scope I had on it before that!

Today, I put a Weaver T-36 on it. It made a world of difference, but not as big a difference as from the 2-7 to the BSA.

I'm a decent shooter, been doing it all my life, but not great by any stretch. My point is that I think when you get to be a better shooter, equipment can improve you in much smaller steps than when you're a novice.
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Having an experienced shooter watching you , pointing bad habits/ mistakes out = Priceless$ Some people and guns just dont shoot well, buying more expensive ammo,optics,stocks,triggers....whatever wont fix the problems more often then not.
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really they go hand in hand a good marksmen can shoot his gun to it limits. when you know your gear/weapon you know its limits and practice within those limits. and as you get better and more profecient in those limits its time for a upgrade. if you dont challange your self your profeciency doesnt go up. but with practice you can become a 1000+ shooter. just because your gun is capable of 1000yrds+ doesnt mean you are.

when i was a kid and had my first .22 i could hit most things rather easliy but it was scoped. i watched my dad sit on the porch and shoot carpenter bee's mid flight with his nylon 66 open sighted. yeah i did it once or twice be he did it every time why because that was his first .22 and he knew its capability's and had lots of practice with it.
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I have to say that the shooter makes the most difference. Good equipment makes a good shooter better and I am sure that the reverse is also true. To me there is no substitute for practice. I'll probably never be a world class marksman, but I am a lot better now that I am practicing on a regular basis.
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I have seen fools with more money than brains buy the best setup and cannot hit the broad side of a shartmoo master, and I have seen a simple setup shoot MOA with a trained operator.
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The ability of the person behind the gun makes is what makes the shot or not. Equipment is minor to the shooter. I'll give an example of shooter and equipment.

Who is L.H.O. what did he do and with what?

In Texas there was a tower, who was in it and what did he use?
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Originally Posted by opaww View Post

Who is L.H.O. what did he do and with what?
That's simple.....he didn't.
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