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jjfuller1 07-09-2011 11:06 PM

savage acc trigger
so i have a savage semi .22. and its okay for plinking or as just having a 22 around for someone to shoot. my model does not have an accutrigger .but i would like to eventually get a.243 i was curious if the savage with accutrigger is a better quality, accurate rifle. and does the trigger really that much better?

rjd3282 07-09-2011 11:10 PM

I have a savage 17hmr with the accutrigger and it is a sweet trigger. I first looked at a savage that did not have the accutrigger and rejected it immediately and tried the one with the accu and bought it on the spot. The difference was night and day.

formerCav 07-09-2011 11:38 PM

I have a pair of .243's, one with the accutrigger and one with the accutrigger II
The II is a lot nicer.

lonewolf101 07-09-2011 11:58 PM

I dont have a that trigger on my 308 how much do you think to get on put in?.

formerCav 07-10-2011 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by lonewolf101 (Post 537957)
I dont have a that trigger on my 308 how much do you think to get on put in?.

Call them and ask.

Mailing Address:

Savage Arms
100 Springdale Road
Westfield, MA 01085


(413) 642-4260 for Historical Information

(413) 642-4261 for Instruction Manuals

(413) 642-4262 for Catalogs

(413) 568-7001 for parts and service (please have your serial number and credit card available)

lonewolf101 07-11-2011 12:55 PM

ok will do thanks alot fot the phone #.

lonewolf101 07-11-2011 03:12 PM

there close to 7 18

Sniper03 07-11-2011 08:42 PM


Keeping it short and sweet! Yes the AccuTrigger is a fine trigger and certainly does improve accuracy without a doubt!
*Worth It!:D

GunLink 07-15-2011 08:44 PM

I've got a Model 10 with accutrigger and accustock. Not sure how it would shoot without those features but it's definitely a tack driver!

Gus556 07-15-2011 09:49 PM

I have a model 10 .308 w/ the accutrigger for my primary hunting rifle (I am tough on my hunting rifles..throw it in the back of the truck, riding on the ATV, hiking tough terrain, etc.) and it has been great. I dont like to treat my Remmy 700 the way I am able to treat the savage that was less than half of the cost of the Remington.

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