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Txhillbilly 02-21-2010 12:27 AM

Savage 25/06 Tactical Arrived !!!!
:(Well my friends gunshop got hit by lightning several weeks ago and caught on fire.Luckily,it was at night and nobody was there or injured. It didn't burn much,but everything has smoke damage,so he has been doing business out of his house while waiting on his insurance co to take care of his claim and the owner of the building to repair it.
He saw me driving in town today and told me my gun had came in about a week after the fire and he had it at his house,so I went out and got it.:D

I had to have the Savage Custom Shop put it together since it was a discontinued model,a 110FLP 25/06 Tactical. I already have the same gun in 300WinMag and love the way it shoots,and figured a 25/06 would be the perfect deer and varmint gun for me.
Now I just have to wait for Choate to make my Tactical stock,Fred Choate sent me an email the other day and it will be a month before they make it.

And if I can just figure out what scope to put on it,I've narrowed it down to a Bushnell Elite 6500,Zeiss Conquest,IOR Valdada,Swarovsky,or maybe a Leupold VX3-but I'm just not much on the Leupold's they are overpriced for what you get,IMO.
There are just too many good scopes out there today,It's hard to pick one!:confused:

I'm putting on a one piece Ken Farrell base,and will probably use Burris Signature Zee Rings.

So I guess I have some time to work up some custom loads,and wait for everything to get here.Then I will give a full range report on it.

Txhillbilly 02-26-2010 12:52 AM

I finally decided on optics,and ordered a Sightron SIII 6-24X50 scope. The glass on these is quite good,and the reviews on it say it tracks well,and holds zero,plus has 100 minutes of elevation & windage adjustment.
Sightron Riflescopes / Binoculars / Sighting Scopes product pages. SIII Series - SIII SS 6-24x50 LR MD

I also ordered my Ken Farrell 1pc steel base,and a set of 30mm Burris Signature Zee rings.

Now I'll just have to have some patience,and wait for the stock to show up!!!

Shihan 02-26-2010 01:05 AM

Seems that is going to be one heck of a Rifle. Give us a review of the scope when you get it all together. Like to know what you think of its performance.

CA357 02-26-2010 04:45 AM

What he said. :D

Txhillbilly 03-10-2010 11:30 PM

I'm still waiting on my stock,but got everything else I ordered so I went ahead and put it all together.

I really like the Ken Farrell 1pc base,very nice,high quality. Well worth the price.
Burris Signature Zee rings,IMO,the best rings you can buy!
Sightron SIII 6-24X50 LRMD scope.I was a little skeptical about this scope,I had never seen one,just read several reviews and read about others that had them. I must say,this is a NICE scope.Side by side comparision to my Swarovski Pro Hunter scope on my other 110FLP,the glass on the Sightron is right up there in quality/clarity-I was very pleased. The turrets are nice sized,and are very audible clicks,they turn a little easier than I like but have caps to cover them,so that's not a problem to me.Plus they are resetable to zero. The only complaint I have with Sightron is the lack of available reticles,on the 6-25X50,you only have 2 choices Mil-Dot or Fine Crosshair w/Target Dot. I have the Mil-Dot.

Here's some pics,

Txhillbilly 03-10-2010 11:34 PM

Here's some more,

lonyaeger 03-10-2010 11:39 PM

Awesome, THB. Can't wait to see what you're able to do with her!

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