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billt 07-11-2009 02:30 PM

Savage 110 FCP-K .300 Win. Mag.

These are a few quick photos of my new Savage long range thumper. It's the new Model 110 FCP-K Heavy Barrel in .300 Winchester Magnum. I've been wanting to set up a long range .300 Win. Mag. for some time now, and almost went with a Remington 700 Police in that caliber, but then heard about this new Savage and decided to wait because I really liked the features that it has and the 700 Police didn't. First is the new Savage Accustock which has the Aluminum spine running the full length of the forend. It is really supposed to help in accuracy. Next is the brake which combined with the new super soft recoil pad which Savage calls the P.A.D. (Personal Anti recoil Device), along with the guns weight, (right around 9 pounds out of the box), should make for a really nice, soft shooting .300 Magnum.

The gun also has the Savage Accutrigger, which I also have on both of my Savage .308's. For me there isn't a better factory trigger out there. All and all I'm happy with the gun as it came from the box. Fit and finish appears to be good, and the action is very smooth. Now comes the task of scope selection. I haven't made up my mind yet, and considering that today it's supposed to hit 116 degrees in the shade, I've got plenty of time to make up my mind before the cool weather comes. I'm seriously thinking of going with another Bushnell 5-15X 3200 Elite Tactical. I have that scope on both of my Savage .308's, a Model 10-FP, and a Model 12-F/TR, and I've been very happy with the results.

For rings I'm for certain going with the excellent Burris Signature Zee Rings with the plastic inserts. Again, I have these rings on several rifles and the results have been nothing but good. With the Posi-Align Offset Insert Kit I can dial in any MOA tilt I want without the need for tapered bases. I'm excited about this gun because I don't think there has been a better long range performer than the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. With 190 and 200 grain Sierra Matchking's, along with healthy doses of IMR 4831 powder, you have to look long and hard for a better 1,000 yard rifle. Cost per shot in relation to performance is pretty hard to beat. I'll have it ready to go by Fall. Between this rifle, and the 3, M-1 Garands I have on order from the CMP, I'm going to be very busy putting a lot of lead downrange! Bill T.

CA357 07-11-2009 02:44 PM

Congratulations. Enjoy and please post a range report when you get it scoped and dialed in.

billt 07-11-2009 06:49 PM

Will do. I'm still kicking around optic options. As I mentioned it's way too hot here to shoot, so I've got time to make a selection. My "dream scope" for this gun is the Leupold Mark IV 16X, 30 MM tube. This scope has an almost unbelievable 140 M.O.A. of elevation adjustment. With the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge and 190 grain Sierra Matchking bullets this equates to being able to hold "dead on" at phenomenal ranges. The problem is even with my C&R discount from Midway, this scope runs right around $1,300.00 with shipping and insurance. The performance it delivers is well worth the cost. This is the same scope David Tubb uses in his video, "The One Mile Shot". He has it mounted on a custom 6.5 X .284. Bill T.

Txhillbilly 07-12-2009 01:13 AM

Good looking rifle there Billt,I really enjoy my 110FLP 300WM. I'm still working up loads for it and I'm trying some Reloader 22 to see if the groups will tighten up a little,I have never tried it before and usually use 4831. I'm very happy with the groups so far,this rifle will shoot way better than the person pulling the trigger. Have fun choosing you scope.

opaww 07-12-2009 02:13 AM

It is beautyus

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