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hayan_in_idaho 02-26-2013 07:07 AM

Savage 11 Trophy Hunter XP
Any opinions from those who have this gun? I am looking to get it in .243. I just wonder what is it's competition? I can get it for a tad under $500 right now. A guy at a local gun shop said that Nikon prostaff scope that comes with the XP package is a $170 scope? Thoughts/Opinions/Suggestions?

tnel74 02-26-2013 06:03 PM

That's is crazy because I am looking for that same exact rifle over here In Washington! They have the package at bimart for 429 if you want to save a little money ;)

hayan_in_idaho 02-27-2013 02:49 AM

What is bi mart? Do they sell online?! And how sure are you it's the model 11 trophy hunter xp (Model #:19679)? Reason I ask is, obviously there are other savage combos and this particular combo comes with the nikon prostaff scope. Which as I mentioned above, I was told that it was around a 170 dollar scope. And it's what draws me towards it more then others. It also has accutrigger, but not accustock. Seems like a lot of the axis/edge combos have no accutrigger or accustock.

tnel74 02-27-2013 03:59 AM

Yup it's a savage 111 with the nikon prostaff 3-9x40 bdc reticle and the accutrigger but not the accustock. We have a bunch of bimarts here in the northwest but they do not sell online.

hayan_in_idaho 02-27-2013 05:25 AM

Shoot! Well I am in eastern side of Idaho, but by the time I'd pay to drive to washington I will have paid more then what I would save! That's assuming I'd even be able to buy a rifle in Washington.

tnel74 02-27-2013 05:38 AM

Ya that's true but if I were you I'd look up bimarts store locations and just check and see. Maybe there won't be a store to far away!

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