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doubleb 02-17-2008 04:35 PM

sako disassembly
I'm a new member, so hello to all and a thankyou for any help you can give me.

I just purchased an older Sako bolt action rifle, .270 caliber. This rifle was purchased new approx. 25 years ago and had not been fired by the original owner. Basically kept in a closet. Sadly, it shows some rust in a few spots on the outside of the barrel and action where the cosmoline finally failed to protect it. I'm hoping that when I clean it up, the barrel (inside) will be good and I can make it into a shooter. I recall that, at the time Sakos had an excellant reputation for accuracy and workmanship.

My question, the stock has what appears to be a spanner head screw (flat with two holes) in the left side next to the action, similar to what I have seen on old Winchester Model 70's. To seperate the barreled action from the stock, does this screw have to be removed? What size spanner tool is used and where can it be purchased?

To anyone with experience on this type of disassembly, who would give some advice, thankyou in advance. And I look forward to reading and posting on this site.

matt g 02-17-2008 05:33 PM

These are pretty easy to come by for an M14. I don't know if it would fit a Sako also though.

That one is $15 from Fulton Armory:

doubleb 02-18-2008 04:31 AM

Thanks, looks like what I need. I will measure the distance between the holes tomorrow. Are wrenches like that sold in a set, or individually by size?

BTW the rifle looks to be a "L61R"

4fingermick 04-03-2010 06:32 AM

They are a recoil lug bolt, no need to touch them.

SAKOs are great rifles, very much a premier brand. They generally shoot better than you'd expect. Great Quality. The older ones are very popular here with collectors and shooters/hunters as they have a lot of hand finaishing, but in reaity are no better than recent efforts, which have some cost saving machining changes. If anything the new ones are better, but the traditionalists/purists don't like them as much. Just about all of the pro shooters here use them.

I have had several over the years, the last one I owned, a 1985 built 222 which I got rebarrelled to a 223 (fifth barrel!). The guy screwed it up and put a heavier barrel on than I wanted and spoilt the handling. It was not repairable as the forend was gouged out to accept the heavier barrel (sheeeeeze!). I have put about 600 rounds through it spotlighting roos, etc but don't like the balance any more (it shoots like a dream). I sold it and bought a brand new Tikka T3 (also made by SAKO) with the money and still had enough change to buy a spare 6 shot mag.

SAKOs are like money in the bank

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