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Russian M44 cal. 7.62x54mm?

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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
Can't see pics with the browser on THIS computer- but if yours is marked M44, has a side folding bayonet, well, started issuing those in late 1943. There should be a date of manufacture stamped on there. Fairly popular milsurp carbine, can be decent shooters depending on the bore. has some good info. A number of these have hit the surplus market after a factory rebuild, and are wholesaling for under $100. One WITHOUT importer's markings would be worth a bit more. The WW I/ WW II rifle was the Moisin-Nagant 91-30 (long rifle, detachable bayonet) followed by the M38 (short rifle, NO bayonet) and then the M44 (short rifle, side folder spike bayonet) all in 7.62x54R aka 7.62 Russian. Help any?
"Help any?"

c3shooter: This is the reason I like visiting this site. Replies like this, that have good (and correct) information that is freely shared with newcomers that have questions about their new acquisitions. Taking the time to give someone the straight scoop and a bit of education along the way seems to be a recurring theme of yours. Bravo Sir.
(I put a little something in your balance column to hopefully help keep you around awhile.)

To the OP: That is a fine looking M44 indeed. I have a few of them myself, and as others have already posted - they WILL let you know when you have touched off a round.

One thing I would suggest - is that you pick up an inexpensive Mosin Nagant "bolt tool" for maintaining your rifle. They can be obtained from several sources, and I feel they are a good thing to have on hand when reassembling the bolt from your rifle after a good cleaning. The web site mentioned above will give information on this as well. Enjoy your "new" Russian!
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Default great gun

It is a Mosin Nagant and looks like a M44 Soviet Carbine witch dates near about 1944, to tell closer look for markings on the bolt
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Originally Posted by User Name View Post
I have one also, it was used in WWII. It is very powerfull pretty acurate and kicks pretty hard. Great rifle though. Only valued at anywhere from 95-125 if its russian though. The only ones that are worth anything are the ones that are from finland. They are valued at just over 300 I beleive.
The M44 was accepted in 1944, The Winter war between the Soviets and Finns was over in 1941. A pic of the receiver will give you all the info you need.
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every time i see one of these threads about moisons it makes me want one. i saw one two weeks ago at a gun show for 75 that was in good shape, and i'm still kicking myself for not getting it, but at the time ammo was all the budget would allow.....
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For more info check:
01FFL - $20 Transfers In Indianapolis Area.
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Yes the M44 is a WWII-Era Carbine version of the M91/30 Mosin-Nagant. I own one myself and i think its a great gun. Makes a ton of noise and kicks like a mule, but thats a WWII rifle for ya. Those are great shooters because ammo is generally cheap (7.62x54R). As fas as accuracy goes, I can't tell you much, I haven't recorded any shooting groups or anything of that sort. Overall a reliable weapon that will destroy anything you put in front of it.
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I just picked up an m44 for my brother for 125. Came with the ammo pouch and cleaning kit.

The barrel looked pretty nasty when I bought it. After and hour and numerous patches down the bore. The barrel is bright and shiny, looks damn near new. Picked up a 440rd romanian spam can for $80.

He loves it.

I have a 1903A3 sporter and a Yugo M48.
Shooter ready....
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Default Help!

I have an M44 very similar to the one in the photo. I bought it about 4 years ago, and shot it a few times It has a Soviet hammer and sickle stamped on it.
I've had trouble with the gun jamming. It seems like it jams when it's hot. I was told it may be due to cosmoline, so I scrubbed the heck out of it. This last Saturday I shot it again and have the same problem. I can't get the bolt back after firing it. I used a rubber mallet to pound the bolt back and get the old shell out. So I fired it about 6 times, and each time it was the same thing. I really don't want the rubber hammer to be a standard accessory for my gun.

A friend from church suggested there may be a pressure problem. ?????

Any advice from y'all would be nice.

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Greetings, Bro. Marcos! Don't you know that the Russians issued each soldier a 2 ft length of 2x4 to beat the bolt open?

You have encountered the famous M-N Sticky Bolt Syndrome. It can be caused by a coupla things, but is SEEN in the M-N more than other rifles due to the small amount of leverage that the bolt HANDLE gives.

The most likely, and least serious cause, is a rough chamber. It MAY be rough from poor machining (hey- there was a WAR going on, for pity's sake!) but is most likely due to dried crud on the walls of the chamber.

An easy to try cheap fix- find a bore brush that is just a bit larger than the chamber. Make sure the rifle is unloaded. Remove bolt from rifle. Attach brush to a couple of section of cleaning rod with no handle. Chuck the rod into an electric drill. SWAB the chamber with a generous amount of your favorite bore cleaner (Hoppes #9 works fine) and let sit for 5 minutes. Slide the brush up into the chamber (not the bore, just the chamber) Hit the switch and spin the brush for 30-45 seconds. Remove, swab the bore with clean patches, and then repeat again.

The Soviets used a product similar to Cosmoline to preserve arms in long term storage (yours has probably been stored since WW II) and it is a bear to get off, since it can harden to the consistency of nail polish. In some cases, you may need to wrap the brush in a cotton patch, and apply a thin layer of toothpaste to it, and repeat the spin/clean cycle. Toothpaste contains a fine abrasive- it would take a hour of running to remove any significant amount of metal, and is safe to use. Now, there IS a product called J-B Bore Paste made to do the same thing, but if you don't HAVE a jar of it, and DO have some toothpaste........

And if you go over to, look up your rifle on the LEFT side, then look at the articles on the RIGHT side- you'll see one on sticky bolt. Also a good article on improving the HORRIBLE trigger pull many of these have.

With some luck, you can put away the rubber mallet.
What we have here is... failure- to communicate.
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Thank you c3. I'm anxious to give it a try. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
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