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nick500ss 09-03-2008 10:21 PM

Russian M44 cal. 7.62x54mm?
I have aquired an old russian rifle that I know nothing about. It is in good condition and has origional bayonet. Does anybody know anything about this rifle? Possible value? When it was used?

Gestapo Hunter 09-04-2008 10:21 AM

looks like a Mosin-Nagant its a pretty old rifle used during both world wars. its suppose to be a very accurate rifle

c3shooter 09-04-2008 12:47 PM

Can't see pics with the browser on THIS computer- but if yours is marked M44, has a side folding bayonet, well, started issuing those in late 1943. There should be a date of manufacture stamped on there. Fairly popular milsurp carbine, can be decent shooters depending on the bore. has some good info. A number of these have hit the surplus market after a factory rebuild, and are wholesaling for under $100. One WITHOUT importer's markings would be worth a bit more. The WW I/ WW II rifle was the Moisin-Nagant 91-30 (long rifle, detachable bayonet) followed by the M38 (short rifle, NO bayonet) and then the M44 (short rifle, side folder spike bayonet) all in 7.62x54R aka 7.62 Russian. Help any?

robocop10mm 09-04-2008 01:10 PM

Popular, simple, inexpensive to own and shoot. Decently accurate but kick like a mule on PCP and set the dry grass on fire with their muzzle blast.

Late WWII production. Used for the last 2 years of the war. Largely replaced by the SKS in late 1945.

7.62 X 54R is the longest serving caliber in world history. Still used by Russians in MG's and sniping platforms.

dragunovsks 09-04-2008 07:41 PM

Yes it's pretty accurate. I once hit a one gallon paint can at work at a range of about 450 yards just as you have it, no scope, just good ole iron sights. I don't know what you paid for your's but I got mine for about $90, they were still packed in Russian small arms crate and I picked out the one with the smoothest action and best looking bore and stock. I've had mine for about a year and a half now.

If you haven't shot it, DON'T SHOOT IT WITHOUT HEARING PROTECTION, it seems stupid to some people that I would have to tell another shooter that but when I bought mine I didn't think about it and had never fired a rifle of that caliber before. I had my SKS but it never bothered me, this round is whole different puppy. Shoot it once and it causes your ears to ring, shoot it anymore than that and it feels like someone is punching your ears. Very painful.

Also stay away from bulgarian ammo, I bought 300 rounds of it a few months back and I have a lot of split cases and some of the cases make it difficult to pull the bolt from the chamber. If possible stick with russian ammo, it's a little (not much) more expensive but the reliability is worth the money.

Actually I had to turn around and look at my gun cabinet to make sure I had'nt been robbed cause that rifle looks exactly like mine. I mean EXACTLY like mine, same color even.

flbandit 09-04-2008 10:28 PM

I just saw a few similar at a shop the other day. He also had a full crate of another Russian model he said was from 1920. It was a bit longer than yours, but they were in great shape (He said they were never issued) He wanted $129.99 for them. I just might have to pick one up.

dragunovsks 09-04-2008 11:56 PM

If it was longer than this one it was the Mosin-Nagant 91/30, I think that's the numbers. Anyway the M44 is a "carbine" rifle, but they fire the same round. They're actually the same rifle but the 91/30 just has a longer barrel, for when you have to reach out there and "touch" something.

Also, this round is known as a rimmed round. "7.62x54R", the "R" means that the case is rimmed, kinda the way a .22 LR case is rimmed. They look slightly different than a regular non-rimmed round such as the AK/SKS round, the 7.62x39.

I just thought I should add that to save you some confusion later at the gunstore when you go to get ammo, if you haven't already.

Laufer 09-08-2008 01:38 AM


Your 44 looks really good.
The 7.62x54R round has supposedly been in use longer than any other caliber, and the 91/30 and 44 rifles have been in military use for decades, along with the SKS.

On a road trip to visit my brother in Evansville a few weeks ago, I called about ten gun stores enroute, simply to find another (second) really good 44.
It seemed more logical to have two Mosins.
But no more visits to a Gander Mountain for a gun, with their intro price of $99 for a MN 44, directly up to $150. But the Mgr. was willing to come down to $130.

ava8harrierusmc1 10-22-2009 02:23 AM

M44 Rifle
I bought one about 8 years ago i love that rifle but yours looks like it's brand new not you want to take the bolt off and look down the barrel and look at the bore look what you are looking for is called the rifling grooves i could be wrong on that name but if the are nice and deep to where you can see a defferance in barrel meaning it not just a smooth barrel sort of like when you look at your car tires the tread should be nict and deep it's the same thing basiclly. If it nice and deep then you have yourself a fine shooting rifle. you can hit anything out to about 700 yards if i'm correct. also you want to get as much ammo as possible it's Oct 2009 right now this time last year ammo for that rifle was 469.00 for 400 rounds it's now $150.00 but i'm sure you can find a deal so stock up on ammo and please keep it it's great and fun rifle to own. there is a guy who sells bolts that bend so you don't have to buy the kit i'll look up his email address and send it tpo you because you don't wantr to but the kit where you have to cut the bolt and then put back on with a screw if you want to add a scope. Good luck

User Name 10-22-2009 02:39 AM

I have one also, it was used in WWII. It is very powerfull pretty acurate and kicks pretty hard. Great rifle though. Only valued at anywhere from 95-125 if its russian though. The only ones that are worth anything are the ones that are from finland. They are valued at just over 300 I beleive.

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