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texaswoodworker 07-28-2013 10:19 PM

Rumors about Remington quality
Here's a question. I have noticed that there are a few people who seem to hate on Remington and any company even remotely associated with them. My question is why? Where is the basis for this hate? All my Remingtons work beautifully.

My 700 (from 2006) works flawlessly, looks beautiful, and is really accurate. My 1911R1 is also great. The only problem I have had with it was traced back to the magazine, not the gun. It's fit and finish are also great.

Even companies associated with Remington are putting out some really good products. Take Marlin for example. I have heard nothing but good from people who have actually owned/shot one. Unbelievably accurate for it's price range.

So, what's up with the hate?

deadsp0t 07-28-2013 10:51 PM

Just like any other successful company..
There are Glock haters, Kimber haters the list goes on.. Usually ppl have one bad exp and BAM the company sucks, this works both ways too. Some have one good exp and BAM best company ever.

NC1760 07-28-2013 11:01 PM

Just my guess here... but I think it has to do with the backlash a LOT of people have against corperate America culture. Remmington was an independent icon of the U.S. gun industry... and now to be part of a conglomerate is pure blasphamy to some. Also, people remember what happens (ususally) to quality control when profits take the lead. Witness what happened to Harley in the 70's when giant AMF took over.
IMHO... most of this might be just outside perception from rumor. Until I (or someone I know) have a personal bad experience... I'll just read first hand consumer and reliable magazine reviews to shape my opinions about them.
Besides... nothing against Remmy (I still miss my 93' 1100 shotgun... but that's another story for another thread)... I consider myself a Ruger man for now.

Axxe55 07-29-2013 12:52 AM

Remington is like any other large company that mass produces an item. they can have some that fail quality control from time to time. they are no different than Ford Motor Company, Maytag, Dell Computers, or Zippo Lighters. in any company that mass produces, there are failures.

i am not going to say that there haven't been problems with Remington products as that would be foolish and blind, but not near what i have seen amounts to what internet rumours or myths would have a person to believe.

several times when these questions arise, i have asked for proof or verification, but sadly most cannot bring forth facts of evidence and many fall back to, well i read it on the internet, or i heard it from so and so source.

personally i have seen several brands get tarred and feathered by these internet witch hunts so the speak, with Remington and now Marlin being one of recent, but also Taurus, Hi-Point and a few others. if a person has had a bad experiance with a product, then tell it truthfully and accurately an let others make a decision accordingly. but just because one person did, doesn't mean all their products are bad or inferior. case in point, i like Remington products and own quite few, such as M700's and an R1, but i refuse in any shaper of form to ever buy another M770 rifle. IMO, Remington dropped the ball big time there. but i like their other product lines just fine, like the R1, the M700's the 870's and so on.

so anyone that wants to make a statement about some particular brand, i will be one that will ask for proof or facts to support those statements or opinions out of fairness. anyone can say anything they want on a forum or the internet, but unless backed up with facts or evidence, it lack credibility.

JonM 07-29-2013 02:01 AM

the biggest issue with remington is it is unionized and in a state that is extremely hostile to business with exceptionally high tax rates. that makes it damn near impossible to make a profit AND produce a quality product.

in order to make a profit they have been forced to cut corners in a lot of their product lines.

remington is a doomed company unless they move to a right to work state with lower taxes. simple as that. their products will continue to decline with fewer and fewer quality offerings until they are closing the doors and shuttering the lights.

Txhillbilly 07-29-2013 02:40 AM

When companies are sold to these big holding companies almost always the first thing to fall off is the quality of each companies products. The parent company big wig's are only interested in profit margins of each sub-companies output of products,and look at anyway they can cut corners to increase their profits.
This means less hand-fitting components,and bigger clearance margins on those components,as well as cheaper materials in which the parts are made from.

I have nothing against Remington or any other brand of firearms.But,if you look at any brand of firearm that was made several decades ago,and compare it with an identical model type that is made presently,you will see how cheap the guns are made today.
I'm waiting to see how bad the sale of Savage Arms is going to affect their product lines quality.

readygirl 07-29-2013 03:04 AM

The issues i have seen have been with the 870. Probably 15 this year have come back to the shop with quality issues. I know that, because i work there part time, and they pile up the QC returns until i am in, and i get to deal with the vendors. Issues have been mostly FTF/FTE. I had 2 that were rough to cycle, they were full of metal shavings. Had one with a loose sight rail, and one with a minor cosmetic issue. If you have an older 870 KEEP IT.... They dont makem like that any more,,,,,

SSGN_Doc 07-29-2013 05:50 AM

A few years ago when Marlin was aquired and moved the quality did suffer. Some folks say they didn't notice. It really was a problem for about a year. I specifically saw model 336 rifles they had poorly fitted, poorly shaped, poorly finished stocks. Levers the were macined incorrectly. Some rifles would function fine but the shape of the trigger guard or lever made them uncomfortable, or almost impossible to use with gloves.

Some if thes may seem like only cosmetic issues, but they were really an indicator if quality controll issues. A friend bought one that just plain refused to group. He thought all 336s were junk until he tried a couple made in 1986 and 1969. Then he understood the difference.

Complaints got so severe, Remmington stopped the production line and they retrained their staff. Quality seems like it has been improved since then.

One if the big mistakes they made when they moved the plant and equipment was not hiring any of the original Marlin workers who had been operating the equipment for the previous years.

That's one chunk of the anti-Remmington bias out there as far as the Narlin tie-in goes.

John_Deer 07-29-2013 07:15 AM

I recently bought a Marlin XT 22mr. The gun shot so high that I couldn't set the iron sights without sanding down the shim that adjusts the sights. I called Remlin. You get remington tech support when you have issues with a Marlin. They did send a prepaid shipping label and they sent a new gun that shoots very well.

The first Remlin I got should have never left the factory. Any gun that shoots so high you can't adjust the iron sights has to have major issues that should have been caught before the gun left the factory.

All this really saddens me. Marlin was my favorite brand of rifle and the freedom group just killed the quality and workmanship that made Marlin famous. Production had to stopped on several of the marlin lever actions because so many of the guns were being returned. I don't know if Remlin has started producing the lever actions again.

gunnut07 07-29-2013 01:34 PM

In a short and sweet way. Quantity not quality.

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