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zildjian 02-19-2012 09:26 AM

Ruger Gunsite Scout
I like the idea of this short handy bolt gun with lots of ammo to add to my SHTF collection. Allthough I know its not the ultimate SHTF gun I could see it being very handy. I am not a reloader so I was wondering what kind of accuracy I could expect from say bulk 308 in 150gr FMJ, 150gr SPBT, 155gr A-max and 168gr A-max....

Minionsram 02-19-2012 12:38 PM

The ruger has a good rep and so does gunsite. The scout rifle can be had by other manufactures for cheaper though.
As far as ammo goes, .308 is one of my favorite rounds but it can get expensive quick.

JonM 02-19-2012 01:38 PM

Not so well with 150grn due to the odd choice of 1:10 twist for a short range rifle meant to be used with milsurp...

Look to 168-179grn for best accuracy.

My opinion look at other rifles as the design of a "scout" rifle in a bolt gun doesnt really do anything well other than look cool.

Minionsram 02-20-2012 03:28 AM

This is the scout rifle I would love to have bu can not afford it on my salary

M14sRock 02-20-2012 03:33 AM

A buddy of mine picked one up a couple of years ago.

It shoots so well that it has almost convinced me to sell my other bolt action rifles. It is just about the perfect all around bolt gun, though the checkering is razor sharp.

The balance is really nice and offhand hits on a 20" steel plate at 400 yards were easy. The rear sight on his did need to be buried all the way to one side, but there was enough adjustment to get it sighted in fine.

1/10 is just fine for 150gr pills.

trex1310 02-20-2012 11:29 PM


My opinion look at other rifles as the design of a "scout" rifle in a bolt gun doesnt really do anything well other than look cool.

It just doesn't do anything for me. It seems to me to be a rifle in
search of a market. You might want one to put up because I don't
think it will be on the market too long. I just don't see it as a big
seller after the new wears off.

TGReaper 02-23-2012 01:17 AM

It's a good thing that everyone doesn't like the same thing,( everyone would want my wife). The Scout rifle concept is an excellent all around rifle.
The Ruger "Gunsite Scout"is,in my opinion not as close to the basic plan as the "Ruger Scout" which is the export model.
The difference is that the export mod.,is stainless and has an 18.75 in.bbl
May not be the best at a specific discipline but it is my all weather/all purpose rifle.
Having said this I have rifles to suit all my specific requirements,this one just covers a whole lot of area in one good handling piece.

Cruise 03-22-2012 05:41 AM

Consider a lever in 30-30 or .45 LC: Models 94 or 92 in Trapper models or equivalent. Nice rifles. Consider also Rossi models of the above.

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