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Which Round

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.308 29 39.73%
30-06 32 43.84%
7mm 12 16.44%
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Old 05-21-2012, 12:09 AM   #51
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All three rounds are 1000 yd rounds. Ultimately it is the shooters choice. Remember this the 30.06 has been around the military since the Springfield '03. It came into service for the military just before WW1. That is over 100 years of battlefield use. Both as a battle rifle and a sniper rifle. The .308 has been around since the late '50s for the military so that is over 50 years as a proven round both battle and sniper. The 7mm is relatively new and unless SOG is using it, it has not been battlefield proven.
If you are looking at reloading you will find the .308 and 30-06 considerably more inexpensive to reload as once fired brass for both is more prevalent and inexpensive
I hope this helps
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Actually, the 7.62 x 51, which was adopted by NATO, at the urging of the

US, while they were pushing the ill-fated, retro-stock M14, has been

"around since the 50s".

However, I doubt many serious snipers are going to

embrace the .308 for 1000 yard work. Most of the bullets

shed too much velocity after 700 yards. Holdover and

windage become too problematical for dependability by comparison

to the 30.06, or newer LCs, which project much heavier fare.

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Originally Posted by barneygoogle
308 then 270 and for overkill, the 300 mag. But if I were a sniper, I would do like the Navy seals. 50 BMG...No explanation given, none needed.
Hmm, is that remmy 700 in 50 BMG an ADL or a BDL?
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I love the 7mm Rem. Mag. But honestly after reading all the posts here I would suggest the 30-06 for the selection. Followed by the 308 if you are not going with the 7mm. Yes, the 7mm is flatter shooting and has tremendous ballistics. I use one in Texas. But in reality most deer shots are going to be taken form 100 to 150 yards and either the 30-06 or the 308s does well. I have used both and never had much problem since also shot placement is the important factor always. If using the 7mm Rem. Mag. at closer ranges like 100-150 I aim a little father back on the deer so I do not destroy the front quarter. Also as you have mentioned the 30-06 has a wide variety of bullets to select from. Everything from Varmint to Big Game. Also easy to load and one other important consideration. You can walk into any sporting goods store, gas station, discount, or hardware store that sells ammunition and always find a box of 30-06 or 308!

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as much as i like all the calibers of rifles i own, and if i had to pick only one to own, shoot and reload for, it would be the 30-06 for sure. i could hunt just about anything in North America with it, and as Sniper03 said, you can get ammo for it just about anywhere ammo is sold. reloading for it is easy due to the variety of bullets available. the caliber has a solid and proven record for over 100 years.
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If I had to choose one rifle to own, shoot, and/or reload it would be chambered in 7.62x54R "Russian 30-06". The preferred rifle would be the 91/30 Mosin Nagant; ammo can be relatively cheap, and at others it can be very expensive. I have used my rifle in South GA to keep coyotes and boar off a friends farm; the recoil is very similar to the 30-06 and the rounds are not much different (30-06= 7.62x63) IMO.
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I like .280 remmington, or 7.62x51 for punch.
Oh dern....

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Having owned and loved both the .308 and the -06, I've come to appreciate the subtle but important differences offered by the various 7mm's. I also appreciate the 6.5mm's, especially the .264 Win Mag and the .260.

I seldom buy factory ammunition, so cost of commercial ammo isn't a factor for me.

When hunting game, recoil during the actual kill shot goes virtually unnoticed. When shooting paper from a bench, mind over matter is important - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter ;-)

I favor two particular cartridges for both hunting as well as paper, the 7mm Remington Mag and the 7mm STW. Both are extremely flat shooting rounds as well as very effective game stoppers.

But with all that said, folks, I'm having more fun than you can swing a dead cat at with my 300 AAC Blackout on a CMMG lower.

So, my experience over the last 66 years is that a person needs to enjoy what he does or he needs to move on. I found I didn't enjoy paying high prices for factory ammunition when I could handload equal or better ammo myself, select virtually any projectile made, place it in my choice of case, over my choice of powder, at my choice of velocity and trajectory, and at a considerable reduction in cost. And I've never regretted the decision.

So, shoot 'em all, enjoy 'em all. Life is too short to shoot ugly guns or bad ammo...
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Default 264 win mag.

Originally Posted by wghuffman View Post
Don't forget the forgotten round. The 264 win mag. This caliber needs a second look. Need to check out all 26 calibers!
9/18/12 3 pm just dusted a song dog at 526yards measured with range finder. Used my mod 70 win 264 win mag.shooting off bags on truck hood. the 26 calibers are still alive!!
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Teddy Roosevelt bagged almost every big game species in the US (Alaska was not part of the US during his lifetime) with a 30/06. He carried a 30/06 on his safari in Africa. During this Safari he bagged so many animals requested by the Smithsonian Institute that it took 4 years to mount them all. President Roosevelt's success with the 30/06 made it the most popular centerfire rifle ever.
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