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Ranger Stubbs 07-20-2011 08:35 PM

Romanian SKS questions
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Gents, recently got a Romanian SKS during a trade. Initially I didn't know what country the rifle was from, but had owned a Chinese SKS for my first semi-auto rifle when I was 18, back when you could get em for around $100. Liked SKS's ever since. I also have fired several Russians over the years. This particular gun's origins irked my curiousity, as it looked Russian because of its blade bayonet and reciever markings, but didn't have a laminated stock. It took me until I got home with it to find the "Cugir Romania" stamp on the barrel. I've done a little research since then and found out several decent facts about the gun from SKS collectors, such as only 450,000 were made, possibly on Russian machinery and that the Romainian government denied producing them. An unknown small number of them were imported into the U.S. and went pretty fast. A Romy is an apparently hard to find SKS variant nowadays with it's accuracy, quality and prices rivaling a Russian. I'd like to know more, but the original posts dated no later than 2008.

I'm curious as to what this SKS might be worth as of current prices. The gun reciever is marked CD-4603, 1958. All of the numbers on the reciever, bolt carrier, bolt, top cover, trigger group, magazine and stock match, without being "forced" or overwritten. It has around 90-95% of it's bluing, no rust, save the chrome on the bolt carrier, which has more of a patina than I prefer. The wood has a factory made storage dent up by the crossbolt, but again the overall finish of this gun is a LOT better than other comparable SKS's made in Romania that I've seen pictures of that were for sale.

I may or may not sell the rifle, trades are possible, but I'd still like to see what it may be worth first. Pics are included, any info is appreciated!

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