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Rifle ranges not allowing FMJ's or shotguns?!? :-(

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y'know....that is funny. bout a month ago i was checking out ranges i have never been to before (most are closed m-w around me, and i wanted to shoot m-w ).

found one open and they specified NO FMJ rifle rounds???? i have to call to verify...and it was correct. they will never see $1 from me....who the hell wants to break the bank shooting hollow/soft points?


Originally Posted by Joeyg69 View Post
As far as snooty/stuck up ranges go, bass pro shop takes the cake in south Florida. I'm used to going elsewhere and will continue! No FMJ's and no shotguns of any type are allowed, that basically killed my entire day after driving there SKS and Mossberg in hand, with about 200rds of wolf FMJ. I wish I had done the research ahead of time and not wasted the trip. So I caved and bought some of their over priced Tula soft points (that my SKS hates) and shot a few rounds in what had to be the hottest, least ventilated range I've ever been to. They did give me a military discount however. I still can't fathom why they would not allow FMJ's..... Crappy backstop? Afraid of an accidental discharge sailing through the store? In any case it was utterly annoying. The only redeeming quality is that they are open on Sundays.
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My club's indoor range is lead only, no jacketed bullets, pistol calibers only. Outdoor range - they separate pistol vs rifle range and no ammo prohibitions except for .50 cal rifles. (BP is OK)
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Bi-metal is a soft steel core which causes heavy damage to the backstops. There is no problem with lead core fmj at the local indoor range and they do check all ammo with a magnet. They still have problems with idiots smuggling in some green tip or steel core. If they catch you will be banned and they will access the damage and you will be paying for it. It can amount to thousands of dollars and that is just to the range. I do not blame them for this I blame the jerks that ruin things for the rest of us that follow the rules. Think about the liability involved. If you blow through their armor you run the risk of shooting someone. The indoor ranges are in town and there are buildings, roads and people. The range operator has a very large investment as it is not cheap to build an indoor range. It is not just armor. The range has to be hazmat approved. There is a ventilation system that has to keep lead away from the shooters. The insurance is atrocious. As far as shotguns go, they can take out the target trolleys. You would have to ask if they will allow slugs.
I can not believe how stupid and inconsiderate some shooters are. Even at our local outdoor range we get damage. We provide target stands and they are constantly being shot up. What is so hard about putting the target in the center of the cardboard. We get idiots that hang a bunch of targets on one stand or put spent shells on top of the frame. They attach targets to the frame and destroy them. I used to build target stands for the range and they were getting shot up faster than I could build them. I finally got fed up and stopped. Then there are the slobs that go out in the boonies and cant haul out their mess. We cleaned up tons of debris and trash mostly from shooters so the BLM would not shut the area down. I could keep ranting for a while but wake up. You wonder why people dont like shooters? It seems a lot of them are inconsiderate slobs, that is why.
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The issue is that a lot of Military Surplus ammunition has a steel core that will simply devastate a multi thousand dollar backstop. As well as with the shotgun they are dealing with an increase in lead contamination which also can overload the filtration system. Not to mention with slugs and buckshot simply tear up backstop material. So I do not blame them for having rules regarding their range. There are hundreds of shooting ranges around the country that have the same rule for fear someone would bring FMJs with steel cores and tear up their equipment. Price out a range and the materials to operate it and it shouldn't take long to understand their position. And as stated, one needs to call before they go to any range and check the rules, weapons and ammunition that can be used on them. In addition EPA likes nothing better than to shut down a range since they are in Obummers Camp! If you do not believe it look what they have done and are still trying to do to the coal industry! Totally Annihilate it!

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Never understood the thrill of shooting centerfire rifles on 25 yard indoor ranges.
Must make panties moist.

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disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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Default Rifle ranges not allowing FMJ's or shotguns?!? :-(

Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
With an indoor range, much of what you can shoot there will depend on the engineering of the backstop.

Two local indoor ranges- one has a backstop that is a slanted sheet of steel that makes bullets ricochet into a tank of sand. Handgun and .22 rimfire rifles only. FMJ will put scallops in the backstop that will cause following bullets to go in unplanned directions.

The other range uses a "snail" bullet trap. Bullets are guided into a large diameter steel tube the runs the width of the range. Bullets hit the inside wall of the pipe at a shallow angle, and spin around until they run out of energy. THAT range permits up thru .300 Win Mag.

The range where I shoot? The backstop is about 200 cubic yards of dirt. Works for anything up to about 105mm cannon.

I'd love to shoot off a 105,...we have about 6 Ranges within an hr of us(3 indoor and 3 outdoor) we go to what we think is the best indoor place in Northern Az. When it's above 90 Degrees, otherwise we are outdoors..when I lived back east there were 3 Ranges on ALL of LONG ISLAND!!! Might be going out near Sedona again on Friday,...

What about a "Bullet Trap" closet? The Gouger Gunshop here has one. I have only seen his once,..but it looks good,...

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One of the outdoor ranges in my area (a BIG one) had an incident a few years back with a rather large brush fire in the evening after hours. They claimed that the local fire department said that it was most likely started by a steel core or AP round striking a rock and causing a spark, which smouldered for hours in the dry grass near the berm.

Suddenly ALL the ranges started banning all steel jacketed/core and AP ammo.
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If you are going to shoot SP ammo in your SKS try some winchester or prvi partisan ammo. At 50 yards my sks is just as accurate as my model 60 marlin using quality sp ammo.
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Bi-metal jackets spark on the backstop. Most indoor ranges prohibit them.
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