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duelist1954 10-22-2012 10:36 AM

Remington Military Rolling Block Rifle - First Look
This is a first look at a Remington military Rolling Block rifle I found at a Gun show in Louisville recently. It is chambered for the .43 Spanish cartridge. It is in pretty good shape for a gun that is almost 140 years old. We'll review the features of these rifles, and take a few shots before sending it off to the gunsmith for a trigger job.

huffmanite 10-22-2012 06:27 PM

FWIW, Trigger job on your 43 Spanish RB, which I assume is an 1879 model Argentine, is actually quite simple. Something you should be able to do yourself.

Find instructions for disassembly of your rolling block action.

Once action is apart, you will find two flat springs held by screws, one much larger than the other. Under the larger flat spring is the smaller one. You will need to remove larger flat spring to remove smaller one.

RB trigger job is just thinning out the smaller flat spring. This spring accounts for the heavy trigger pull. When I did trigger job on my 79 Argentine RB I beveled out the sides of this spring, thinning it about 33 %. Used a bench belt sander to do my spring. Some just thin along one flat side of spring along the mid part of the flat spring. In other words, leave ends of spring alone, just thin out middle part. This is what your gunsmith will probably do. When I did mine, certainly made a big difference in trigger pull. Just depends how much metal you remove from spring, how much you'll reduce trigger pull. Of course, remove too much, you have a problem.

Google Rolling Block trigger job, you'll find info and probably a replacement wire spring sold by someone in California. You may be surprised by how small this wire replacement spring looks.

duelist1954 10-22-2012 07:58 PM

I've used the replacement trigger return springs on a couple of my previous Rollers, and they cut the pull about in half...down to seven or eight pounds. I find that a gunsmith is needed to recut the sear to get it to three or four pounds.

I'm trying to see if Rolling Block Parts has any of the trigger return springs in stock. It looks like they are out, so I sent them an email.

I owned a beautiful Argentine Rolling Block for about five years. They have a very distinctive section of octagon barrel just forward of the receiver. This isn't an Argentine model.

batjka 10-24-2012 10:30 AM

My first rifle was a Rolling Block in 7mm Mauser. It must have seen rough times during Mexican Revolution as the wood furniture is all chewed up and the stock is carved with weird ornaments. I overpaid for it, too. But I love the Rolling Block action. Especially when fired cases fly out if the chamber as you open the breech.

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