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chloeshooter 08-20-2013 09:26 PM

Remington 783 - Day 1 range report
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Yesterday, I purchased with some amount of hesitation a new Remington 783. I decided to 'go for it' because we are talking about a $425 (or less) price tag and I could probably only be surprised in a good way. (

So today, despite what for Minnesota is very hot and humid as well as gusty day, I had to go to the range and see what this rifle is all about. It is chambered in .270 Winchester, which along with 30-06 Springfield, will kill anything I'm going to hunt from a long ways out. My main deer gun is a Remington 700 in 30-06, and with it's aftermarket trigger, kind of my standard to what a good hunting shooter is. (Note I say 'hunting shooter'. I know there are plenty of smaller calibers out there, 22-250 comes to mind, that don't come near the ballistics of the larger calibers but will shoot little daisy patterns all day long at the range. Leave them at home when it is time to hunt large critters)

It took me 4 shots to get zeroed in at 25 yards. 2 of those were because I wasn't using my math skills well (1 inch at 25 yards = 16 clicks for an inch at 100. Duh!). I didn't go buy an expensive scope for this, I slapped on my Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 ($90?) and just a little secret, I can't tell the difference between that and my Nikon Buckmaster, except the Bushnell is better in low morning light (go figure)

From there I went to the 200 meter range (our 100 is currently closed for improvements), and set up a ground target at 100 yards. Results were so-so. I was shooting at a weird angle down from the bench and basically getting 1-1/2 " groups. This gun does not hurt when it kicks so once I stopped tensing up it really turned into a shooter. (this is my worst habit when shooting - flinching from anticipated recoil)

Next was 200 meters. Much more comfortable shooting position, albeit I was sweating like a firefighter and my glasses were fogging. Hardly deer weather where I live lol. But you know how it is with a new gun - just like the preacher on 'Caddyshack', who wanted to golf so bad, he did not care if there was a thunderstorm - gotta shoot the dang thing

The 5-shot grouping at 200 m (218 yards) is pictured. I shot off of sand bangs (front) and shouldered the rifle like when hunting, did not use a lead sled. Used the cheapo Corlockt, 130 grain ammo this first time (wouldn't it be great if it preferred the cheap stuff?). I will of course try other brands. Of course I am not happy with the flyer to the left but that clearly is operator error that still results in a stuffed meat freezer. I think if you tested this out of a lead sled with expensive ammo it shoots under 1" all day long.I have never hunted with a lead sled though.......

Likes: the trigger is adjustable to 2.5 lbs - and is better than my Timney on my 700. The bolt cycling is a little stiff but I suspect that it will wear in very nice. Like the 700 it is a push-feeder. The stock feels very solid and it is for sure a no-bs, all weather hunting gun. I also like the metal magazine that attached flush into the stock. The barrel is completely floated and the action screws are pillar bedded. Stuff you see in the higher-end rifles out there. The scope is mounted much closer to the barrel than you will see with a 700 due to the need to load the 700 from the top. That also takes a little getting used to in terms of my cheek position. The rifle feels very good in my hands and I like the balance point

Dislikes - none yet. IF this rifle performs during it's lifetime as it did today, then it is the best $425 I have ever spent on a rifle.

So, this is supposed to be my cheapy back-up rifle, the rifle my guests can use on a hunt, etc. Well, maybe.........

gschnarr 08-21-2013 12:24 AM

Very nice. Looks like a very well spent 425.

Apex-Predator 08-21-2013 11:24 AM

Decent group for factory fodder, but I will stick to my Savages. Why buy an imitation when you can own the original for less money? And yes the 783 is very much a 110 knockoff.

chloeshooter 08-21-2013 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by Apex-Predator (Post 1341915)
Decent group for factory fodder, but I will stick to my Savages. Why buy an imitation when you can own the original for less money? And yes the 783 is very much a 110 knockoff.

Spoken like a guy who has his mind made up on a brand, no matter what! (and golly you don't see much of that here, do you lol)

I suggest you handle one - you will see it borrows great ideas from, yes, Savage (locking barrel nut and 'accu trigger') Ruger (magazine only 783 is much stronger) and others. Heck that has a lot to do with why I bought it! But IMHO Savage magazines aren't for poop and I would not take one hunting where we go. I helped a guy sight in a new Savage a few weeks ago and it felt kind of flimsy to me. Which is why I didn't buy it. The stock on the 783 is built for hunting. Not plinking

godale 08-21-2013 10:18 PM

to me it looks and shoulders like a real rifle. i didnt think the 710 or 770 did.the finish is not great but for a shooter one can deal with that. i personally prefer a savage but if money is right i might consider one,does sort of look like a savage but companies have been doing that for years.if you are happy with it u owe no explanation to anyone.i think remmy has been going down hill and maybe on the upswing now? probally the gun they should have came out with years ago instead of the 710.;)

chloeshooter 08-23-2013 07:34 PM

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Day 2 at the range. 2 3-shot groups at 200 meters (219 yards). Second group was after 30 minute wait and some clicks to the right. During cool-off wind started blowing relatively steady from the left at 10+ mph, so decided to stop after second group. Good chance I'll be target dead center next time out cold.

In discussion with Remington customer service manager, this is the platform they will be expanding and upgrading upon. Expect stainless versions, built-in muzzle brakes, variety of stock configurations. Look at the way Ruger markets their various configurations I think Remington is going to go more that direction - variety. I have a 700 adl w/ and aftermarket trigger (30-06), topped with a Buckmaster and I can't consistently hit groups like this. The second group is sub-MOA, these all shooting using factory medium-grade ammo. I am no marksman by any stretch either. Only drawback: flush mount magazines are on backorder :(

dteed4094 08-24-2013 02:53 AM

You can't ask for more out of the box. A lot of shooters look down their nose at my 700 until they see my targets. I get; " nice shootin for a junk scope on a Remmy" but I'm a realist. I'm not changing A thing. It shoots better than my Savage 12fv in 22/250. Looks like Remington is getting their Sh!t together again. I've always been a Remy man.

bntyhntr6975 08-24-2013 03:16 AM

The proof is always in the shootin. I wouldnt get rid of any of my 700s for anything. And yes, theyve shown up a few other brands. Aint had to tuck tail yet.
Glad to hear the new Remington is liked. I cant help but wonder how it'll do once its broke in and a good load tailored to it.

Crazycastor 08-24-2013 03:43 PM

I've been saying this since the 783 came out. Its going to be a competative platform that will be able to compete with other rifles in the same price range. Its no 770. I think in years to come it might out perform the 700. People don't like the barrel nut or say they copied it from Savage or Ruger but it seems to be working for the Ar15 which is pretty simular on the design.In the future I see tighter tolerance and beefer barrels will make this gun one to watch out for.

bntyhntr6975 08-24-2013 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Crazycastor (Post 1345170)
I think in years to come it might out perform the 700.

Blasphemy! Lol. Its hard to say, time will tell.

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